Gibbs fumble

I’m wondering what, if anything, it has done to his psyche going forward. Was it solely on Gibbs? Olsen alluded to the possibility that Goff may have had a hand in it by pivoting in a direction that Gibbs wasn’t expecting. But, nothing can take away from his stellar rookie year. That’s for damn sure!

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I have zero concerns. That kid is mentally tough. Been through a lot in his life.

I think he’s going to be the best RB in football next year… at least top 5 anyways. He had a great season and was inches away on several plays from several more long td runs.

Gotta work on his hands though… had a fair amount of drops.

Unlimited potential really. He’s also like 21 years old

Had 14 TDs in 18 games as a rook



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??? Maybe wrong thread. I didn’t think he was trolling at all.

They guy’s username is sketchy

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Nah, it’s just out-dated at this point. Needs to change to something in line with current regime!


If it was just that one play that cost us then yeah, it might mess him up, but since there was literally about 10 plays that went wrong and could have changed things no individual should shoulder much of the responsibility.

The exchange was wrong, either Goff or Gibbs was expecting it to take place on their other side and Gibbs never had a solid grip on it. It’s also unlucky they the Lions weren’t able to recover.

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These guys don’t think like that.
He’s already forgotten it.
It wasn’t an issue before. One time, untimely as it may have been, is not an issue.
We have reached that point in the off season that we have very little new to discuss, so, we have to go looking.
There’s nothing to see here, though.

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Freak fumble

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This 10000%
This is what these guys do. It is why you read about them partying before games. Because for many this is just a lunch box day job. Now obviously there are players that grind non-stop and there are players that are not locked in at all. But in general for many this is all they know and it is just the life.

I would be more concerned about the psyche of Josh Reynolds dropping that fourth down pass after dropping the third down pass. He’s decent, but also a fringe player. As I’ve stated in other threads, I think that drop was the back breaker. If he catches that I think we score and put enough distance between us and the 49ers. At this point I’m not sure how I feel about bringing him back. I think it may be worth looking to upgrade that position Slightly. He did have a few costly drops this year.

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Reynolds played a vital role for the Lions this season, generating 40 catches for 608 yards and five touchdowns as a compliment to All-Pro Amon-Ra St. Brown. He dropped three passes on 64 targets during the regular season, a 4.7% drop rate, per Next Gen Stats.

He had his worst game at the worst time. Really mind blowing that he dropped 2 easy ones.

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Yeah $%#@ happens but Gibbs was an untimely fluke fumble caused by an awkward exchange and getting hit at the line like he did. Gibbs has shown immense promise in all other aspects of the game as a rook.

Reynolds is replaceable and if you (speaking of BJ) can’t trust him in the game plan, BJ will replace him. Maybe his replacement is in the draft or FA, less likely he is already on the roster unless Raymond is that guy.

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Looks like the original mia culpa video from Reynolds has been scrubbed.

What bothers me most is that he didn’t shake off the 4th down drop, he did it again on third down. That’s not the definition of mentally tough. Also “shit happens” is not what i was looking to hear. I dunno, tough decision on whether to re-sign. You can’t come up small when the stage is big.


Yes I was pissed when I saw him laughing after the first drop. Then he did it again. Those 2 alone cost us a SB and maybe it was nerves idk but he has been reliable so we’ll see what the brass does about it soon

sort of middling. here’s the reg. season drop rate for our receivers:

LaPorta - 4.2
Ra - 4.9
Lif - 4.5
Reynolds - 6.3
Jamo - 9.5

Of course the drops in the playoffs makes Josh’s numberrs go up - prob around Jamo territory.
Edit - the stats are through week 21, so do include playoffs.

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I’m very certain that ARSB had at least twice the drops JR had over the year (and twice the targets too, no doubt).

I agree on upgrading the position, if possible. Just like the Lions upgraded (a lot!) to Monty w/money they earmarked for Jamaal, maybe they can get a younger receiver w/more upside. But the drops have nothing to do with it, IMO. He had a bad day at the worse time, but he has made PLENTY of clutch catches. I don’t worry about that going forward.

Number of drops isn’t what to look at. See drop rate above.

He dropped three passes on 64 targets during the regular season, a 4.7% drop rate, per Next Gen Stats.

Maybe 6.7 is after the 49ers game