Give this win to the Defense!

So my cat got out in the snow storm and I noticed I’ve got some siding that might be sagging in a spot near the garage, anybody else have a problem with their sprinkler system?

No, you’re allowing yourself to be bothered by nothing.


Does anybody really think Stafford wont hang 60 on Aaron Glenns defense?

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Agree totally! Was a team win. Credit AG and the defense for making adjustments. The Rams were 0-3 in the red zone and the Lions were 3-0.


If that’s how you see it.

With all due respect of course. Great win for y’all. Losing to Detroit is much better than losing to SF or GB. I’ll take it lol.

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Came here to say just this.

There were a lot of body blows to their skill players that really took a toll. I wonder if it’s partly the CJGJ effect.

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I’d love to see Raheem Morris have a successful defense with Sutton and Vildor as his boundary corners. The Commanders might be the only team in the NFL with worse boundary corners. I’m sure I’m missing someone, but in a passing league having those 2 as your starters and not giving up 30 every game is a miracle.


Umm do you know who the Rams corners are? We are 32nd in cap spent on defense. Before the season people were saying the Rams might be in the running for the 1st overall pick.

Sutton was a good player before played on Glenns defense. Coaching matters.

Known as One of brightest offensive minds in nfl

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Yup. But he didn’t have a great game. It happens to everyone. Look at Belichick of late.

From a Rams fan point if view…

Didn’t like not trying to score at the end of the first half. Atleast a FG.

Williams averaged 4.7 ypc. He’s a playmaker and should have got more touches. Including the passing game.

The redzone offense was just bad and not creative. It was “Stafford chuck it” offense. And we’ve been better of late because we ran down there.

Props to the Lions and their defense. But us Rams fans are feeling disappointed with the 23 points despite moving the ball quite easily.

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Sutton is a nickle corner. That’s where he primarily thrived in Pitt. The concern with him was how he was going to handle playing outside primarily and he’s just not built for it. And the only fans in football that knew who Vildor was were Chicago fans who were probably surprised he was still in the league. I’m not saying Glenn is great, but a lot of DCs would be hard pressed to try to hide those 2 in their schemes. Most of our corners, outside of Sutton, are undrafted or a 5th round pick unable to make it in Chicago.


Also to be fair I think Puka is just that good and lots of CBs have had trouble against him so there’s that as well.

Same as the Rams secondary. Again, props for the win. But as a fan of the game of football. Glenn wouldnt be on a list of guys I want coaching on the Rams.

Which is totally fine and I respect your opinion on it.

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Appreciate you being cordial.

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Of course, but I hope you respect my opinion as well.


It’s funny Cleveland and Dallas almost gave up 50 and AG gives up half that with a street CB2 and apparently he’s a bad DC.


Defense give up a ton of plays in backfield, but the RedZone Defense showed up and sealed it. So yeah - bend dont break.

If football fields were 60 yards long, you would have won.

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