Giving up 177 rushing yds per game. 30th in NFL

Last 3 games we have given the other team an average of 177 yards rushing. 30th in the league.

This is disgraceful, and one of the biggest reasons Patricia and his pencil dagger should be sent back to NE sooner than later.

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I said KJ had to prove his worth this season, he hasn’t , we got Swift —I had high hopes for…but that has been dampened , Old man AP is showing he can go, but all for not…

and we run almost the same way Jim Bob Cooter had us OF COURSE under the watchful eyes of Patricia & Quinn…sounds like an episode for The Steve Wilkos Show…what could go wrong—lol.

We’re averaging 170 on the season too which is also ranked 30th.

Only Houston and Dallas have been worse. It’s hard to believe we can give up 177 yards a game and two teams are worse than us.

In 2019 the worst run defense in the NFL was Cincy and they gave up 148 yards a game. So far this year 6 teams have been worse than anyone last year.

Question is … will these numbers lower as the season progresses or are NFL teams just better at running the ball this year?

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Everything’s bigger in Texas; even running lanes.


Remember, the NFL is making a purposeful effort to call less holding, etc. The ability to hold helps the run game.

Swift looked really good Sunday.

It’s befuddling to me they stopped using him after he scored the touchdown to go up 14-0

I agree. I don’t understand their aversion to running him in between the tackles. He’s short but he’s got a pretty sturdy build.

These are Quinn’s and Matty P guys. The disappointing part is these guys know the system yet they are still failing

Good point. I have to wonder if this could be the reason.

failing because of what leads them, not because the player lacks the ability or skill to produce.

Based on DVOA we’re dead last, if that helps make sense of things. LOL