Glover Quin Speaks on Aaron Glenn & the Lions Defense


GQ is one of my favorite lions players.


Very solid, sound, fair assessment and breakdown

Listen to Glover if you got 15-20mins


good stuff !


He’s on it. Good listen.


I love the way he boils things down.
“They don’t want to be a running team, they want to run well enough to open up their pass game” or something close to that. It’s what the team has said before. They want a high-scoring offense but know that a certain amount of running is required to do it. The only thing I’d add to his commentary on the offense is their commitment to the run includes being able to close out a game in 4-minute, run for 1st downs on 3rd or 4th and short, and goal line. That’s still a significant commitment to the run, even if it is setting them up for a more effective, high scoring pass game. I love the way the offense is being built, even if I suspect the Robinson/Gibbs debate will get new life this weekend.

I absolutely love their discussion on the defense, like getting Hutch on favorable matchups like Dallas does Parsons. Also interesting hearing him talking about the Safety body types playing Corner, including Jerry Jacobs. No commentary whatsoever on the off-ball linebackers, which is good given the tone of the conversation.
With Ducey and Joseph assumed to be the starting Safeties, he thought they’d move on from Walker. Walker is more of a Free Safety (which most here recognized), but will be able to cover TE’s enough to play SS effectively.

As sure as he is about the Lions offensive identity, he’s unsure about the defense’s. I don’t like being confused, myself, but it’s reassuring when a smart dude like GQ is as well.


Can he be our DC? Seems to know more about what kind of the players the Lions have better than AG

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GQ was always one of my favorite players. He was a beast in the secondary. I was sad to see him go. Never understood why. Fat matty probably had something to do with it.

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