All 4 wearing Honolulu blue. Nice player picks too.


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Saw that, actually have it on pause during a conf call so haven’t seen the ending.
However, the reason they are wearing them is due to the Bucs losing. They wore the Bucs throwbacks last week and then said what happens if the Lions win…Schraegar, I will get Lion jerseys for us all to wear next week.

Already this morning, if the Ravens win they will wear Ravens jersey’s next week.
better not be a curse…

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However, the whole segment while wearing the Lion Jerseys was excellent from C Reynolds to Jaimie taking a selfie in the Hutch jersey to send to her family immediately(her husband UM alum, Inlaws big UM fans) was humerous. DC and kirby Joseph…

Still getting used to Jamie E in that role but really enjoy that show.

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It’s funny. Because I remember when she first replaced Kay Adams, and it was like, “I mean, OK, fine” because Kay Adams is a smokeshow who knows her shit.

But now? I prefer Jamie Erdahl. To me, at least, she seems more authentic, more interested in the conversation than flaunting herself, and, yeah, I’m gonna say it … I think she’s more attractive than Kay.

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A curse is just energy, man.
Kneecap mentality is a more powerful energy than a curse.
Even if we lose a game or 2 somewhere along the line, 13 wins is the worst case scenario…cuz MC/DC energy is more powerful than “curse energy”…fans are amplifying it and entering the supporting teh brotherhood and feeding them more energy.

Shit’s getting real. Everyone is fiiiinally starting to see it.

I LOVE that Goff is still not reeeaaally getting his due. He got some love here and from a few others, but what ppl are missing → he’s becoming a better LEADER as a man…not just as a football player. He’s showing up for his team in ways that he was not capable of when he first got here.

I think if Goff had gone to another team, his career could have been average-ish at best. He would have gotten buried in the middle of the stat lines of NFL QBs and changed teams a couple of times as he “Cousin’d” his way through the remainder of his career.

Instead —> that handsome MF’r is slanging footballs to 10 different WR when 1/3 of the starters are out and he is living AS THE ENERGY of a leader, instead of “trying to be a leader”. There are levels and layers of leadership, and Goff had soooome of that. He has learned different facets of leadership in ways that are meaningful to a football team.

He is more vocal.
He is more brave.
He has more emotional strength.z
He has learned to own that part of himself on a muuuuch deeper level.
He is the one that I am most proud of, as teh type of growth he has made is different.
Ra improved, but he already had a ton of the emotional stuff.
Same with Anzalone.
Same with Sewell.

Goff is the one. His growth…and THE WAY he grew…that’s what’s most important to this team. He still has more growing to do, I promise you, but that soft-spoken California kid is turning into a GD DUDE in front of our eyes, and I’m super-proud of him.

Yes…any QB does better with Running game, better OL, better WR, etc.
I’m talking more about how he carries himself. It’s a LOT more than just confidence…it’s ownership of self & that fact that you are already IT. Nothing to prove, very little acting/forcing himself to do it for the team…it’s WHO HE IS now!

Coach Dan is having this impact on the macro (entire team & even giving the fan base swagger), but it is one thing to have “strength” amongst a crowd, and to BE the man who IS the swagger…the reason others have it.

Love you, brother Goff.
Thank you for being committed enough to buy into the giant alpha-male’s 'way of being"

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I have gotten more used to JE, however the Kaye, Nate, Kyle and Peter was/is still the best version of that show.

Then again, I still, at times, miss Dibble and Patrick on the radio as well Mike/Mike. But for now Kirwin and Miller are my favories on Radio/TV for a talk show type program, GMFB is 2nd. Eisen’s Sunday show is right there as well.

So, three more discussions on the Lions in Peter Schraegars Cool Moments segment.
The Reynolds block
The Williams TD Catch
The Lions fans.

Schraegar says he will be surprised if the Lions dominate the Ravens stands as they don’t have a history of selling their tickets to opposing fans.

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That, and the first three road games were really optimal for a Lions takeover. KC was a big destination event after an offseason of hype. GB is nearby and has a ton of fairweather fans not used to seeing a team struggle. And roughly 1/3 of the population of Tampa is originally from Michigan.

I think you’ll see a strong Lions presence at future away games, but I don’t think Baltimore is a good candidate for a takeover.

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I, for one, wish Kay Adams was still on the show.

I think by the end Kay cared more about the fame aspect of her job than anything else. I’m sure she would have loved to follow Nate’s career path, but so far that hasn’t happened.

And I mean, she just looked so damn different by the end of her run. Still attractive (maybe more so) but I remember turning it on once after some time away and being like, where’s Kay? Took me a minute to realize it was still her.

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Time for some of the Detroit millionaires to buy up thousands of season tickets in that town


Disagree. But both are incredibly beautiful of course.

Though I do think she’s better at her job than Kay was.

I still think the chemistry with the original group was the best with Kaye, Nate, Kyle and Peter. That is more what I miss, not who’s better looking. The whole group was really good, the current group is good so I still have them on in the background every morning.

I think Nate’s departure was a bigger loss than Kay.

Though Kay is absolutely stunning IMO.

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I think you are correct regarding Nate’s departure being the bigger loss.

Kay has a show (can’t remember the channel) called “Up and Adams.”

watched GMFB for the first time in a while today….
Erdahl looking pretty thick right now. :expressionless:

fat monty python GIF by Head Like an Orange

I liked the original version of Kay.

She let the fame and money change her…

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She’s in the family way.

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