GMFB: How do the Lions upset the 49ers?

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  1. don’t fall behind early…run the ball keep pass rush at bay
  1. Our team is better than their stars

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If Houston is a go, look out! It ain’t gonna be Purdy.
That said, keep discounting Goff and the RB’s.
Monty and Gibbs are as effective as McCaffrey and won’t be nearly as tired in the second half.


Saint, Jamo, JRey, DPJ all seek out blocking contact, and Sewell moves like few big men can, if they take the same approach GB did with Gibbs running to the edge it could be a beautiful thing. If SF tries to cover the edges, it’s going to open holes in the middle of the field.


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People keep talking about upsetting San Francisco, I’d like to know why they are even favored. We control the game against Tampa and it counts for nothing. 49ers get LET OFF THE HOOK by Green Bay and that makes them good?

I EXPECT the Lions to play their game and win on Sunday, end of story, and it won’t be an upset.

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Body of work. I agree that the line is absurd, but SF has had stretches where they’re a machine. And the Lions have had stretches where they didn’t look like a playoff team.

That said, SF is a house of cards. If one cog in Shanahan’s complex offense goes awry, the entire thing falls apart. Even with a healthy Purdy, they don’t beat Philly last year.

If Lions play their best football, and recent evidence shows no reason to think we won’t, I think we beat SF. If we let SF do what they want, we’ll get smoked.


There were a couple games where sf looked broken. Detroit still hasnt lost back to back games all year, sf lost 3 straight…

I agree with you btw just think the national perception is a bit off

SF defense will try to take the middle of the field away and force us to go long and outside. GB killed them running outside and we should probably do the same.

On offense SF will try to overload 1side and counter to the other. Stopping the run game is imperative here. Make Purdy try to beat us. Also Hutch needs to get consistent pressure

I’m sure Ben AG and MCDC know this and will plan accordingly and it will great to see how it works out. We have a great opportunity here and we can definitely win this game.

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Gap control on the running lanes is paramount importance for the Lions defense, you can’t let CMC gash, gain, and establish time of possession dominance for the 49ers offense.

The keys to the game are like the golden oldies. We run the ball, we don’t let them run the ball, we win. I think it’s going to be worth it to use our running backs in the flats and incorporate that as part of the planned rushing attack. Try to get Jamo matched up on Ambry Thomas in decoy action and let St Brown and LaPorta work the coverage gaps.