Go Chiefs!

Excellent pick up on CEH. He is going to be an absolute stud.

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Fug. I was hoping he’d land in DET. Agree, that kid is special.

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Very good chance that KC wins 3 of next 5 SBs. We are looking at a small dynasty

Lions get 1 more year to prove it to me. This year is my last. I’m tired of the bullshit. 9+ wins or I’m becoming a chiefs fan.



No shit.

Cut the cord now and become a BUCS fan for 2 years.


Go for it Iggy

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You dump CowGirls already?

Even when the Lion pick in the top 5 they still manage to lose. Any other year, Okudah is drafted at the bottom half of the first rd. I’ll say it again, Okudah won’t be a factor for at least 2 years

Oh should we be so lucky. Iggy’s big clown shoes would be hard to fill, but I’m sure we’d get by somehow.

I genuinely root for board-members when they’re high on a player like that. “missed him by that much”. I think we fans (once again) see the need at RB that the team doesn’t see. I think KJ is still in their plans as RB1.

Anyhow, sorry it didn’t fall for you the way it was looking like it might. If this year is a failure and it’s time to move on from the Lions, I think I’ll have to quit the NFL cold turkey to make the break. It’ll be college only at that point.

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