Go get Kevin Byard!

He is apparently at a crossroads with the Titans and they don’t want to pay him what he’s signed for. So he will likely get cut or traded. I think he would be an incredible piece in our secondary and would fill the Elliott role but better. I think we should acquire him somehow

Isn’t he a free safety?

And isn’t he maybe on the market because he doesn’t want to take a paycut?

I’d pass.


Agree past fast $19,623,000 his cap hit this year an next is $17,823,000 thats more than are CB room almost



I know this doesn’t really belong in this thread, but it does have to do with our safeties. Being that we have Kerby, Walker, and Iffy are we going to play more left and right safety or are we going more with Free and Strong this year?

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