Go Pistons

Good call. I’ve been taking it to a different level. If you wait until the game starts we will make it look competitive or even take the lead…and it will be a bigger payout when you put money on the other team.


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Good win against the Warriors.


Now how the hell did they do that. Wired team


Warriors d is trash

Gp2 leaving is prolly one of the biggest factors, man is playing like his dad

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No Klay that game. No Iggy.

Where are we killing people? SG and PF.

Matchups favored us. Let Curry get his, stop the other guys. Poole got his too, but no one else scored 11 points.

Actually no. This makes him more tradeable if anything now that he’s extended at reasonable term/price. His value would have been lower if he had just been an expiring. Not saying this is their plan but this doesn’t take a trade off the table.

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Play the Jerami Grant game w him, develop Livers slower. Get Beef Stew another year of seasoning to play the 4 with enough outside game.

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Call me crazy but I’m looking forward to watching the Pistons versus the Suns tonight. With Bey and Cunningham out of the lineup it’s a pretty athletic group out there. Especially with Marvin back out there. I caught their game against Utah the other night and it was pretty impressive and fun to watch. I wouldn’t be surprised if they trade away Bey at some point. He’s too streaky of a shooter and too stiff of a defender. I think Burks and Knox are both better and more consistent all around players.

I watched the game before that against the Joker, which they also won. Agree that they’re a little more fun to watch now. I think with a few guys out they play a little freer.

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Honestly Skip is right! Cade Cunningham is not a life-changing No. 1 pick. Cade can’t be faulted. It is what it is. Cade won’t be the best player on the team is a couple seasons.

Cade plays too slow IMO. To be so young you should be pushing tempo all the time like J. Ivey

Ivey is unique, not many people are that fast.
Cade will nevr be as athletic. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be a great player. He needs to be a little more crafty with his moves. Like Luka Doncic. Cade is getting way too many of his shots sent back into his face.


Cade has way too many turnovers to be a primary ball handler. Id like to get the ball out of his hand all of the time and see how that affects his play.

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