Go Seahawks! I think

Nothing like hoping the Lions go 8-8 and make the playoffs as the doormat seed only to remain in purgatory as a result.

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I’m still bitter we beat Arizona.

I can’t believe the team can’t even tank properly.

Anything even near 8-8 says to me that fans will be clamoring all year about “if Stafford gets back to his normal self with the new OC, we will be great! His worst year as a veteran pro and we almost hit .500!”

And to be honest, I’m just not in the mood for that anymore.

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Well put.

They are much better at tanking than we are.

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Thank God for hockey season.

My gosh: Cousins is Stafford in purple…

Stafford is better than Cousins

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Well, the Queen’s did their part. Now the Eagles have to lose again, and we have to win out.

Vikes have to lose one more in addition to us beating them (Chicago at home or Miami at home on short week,) Panthers have to lose @ NO and Eagles have to lose at LAR.

The hardest part by far is the Lions winning out. If they were to somehow get that done I think there is a decent likelihood that they would be the 6 seed.

we aren’t winning in green bay now that a a ron got rid of his coach. he’s on a mission.

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Yeah, wondered about that as well. Though if it’s between 7-9 or 8-8 and winning a game in Green Bay, I’d prefer the latter. I mean, at that point it’s between drafting a player that will disappoint us in one year versus one that will disappoint us immediately.

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yea winning in green bay is a season win imo, like u of m/msu beating OSU is a season win no matter the record.

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I’m beginning to get the sense that Nate may have been Lionized?

I’ve run a Detroit Lions forum for the better part of my life. I hope this isn’t news to you … :rofl:


It’s a wonder you’re sane at all, when you put it that way.:rofl:

Anyone thinking the Packers are now amazing and Erin played so much better, DIDN’T WATCH THE GAME. Almost every packer fan I know will tell you he still played like he had all year. Got sacked 4 times. Hit several more. Threw an EASY pick 6 that was dropped. Missed several easy deep throws and made a few HORRIBLE reads. The difference is Atlanta is total crap right now, maybe as an overall team bottom 7. You’ll see this week who they are

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