Goals for the 2024 season:

  • Beat Stafford (again)
  • Beat the Seahawks by 50
  • Beat Dallas on a controversial call
  • Sweep the division
  • Beat the Titans for the first time ever
  • Beat the 49ers after a miraculous comeback

  • Win the NFC North
  • Clinch the 1 seed
  • Win Divisional round game
  • Win NFC Championship

  • Win the Super Bowl

Are we at the point where anything less than a championship is a disappointment? Superbowl or bust?


I’m not sure, every season is its own unique story. With that in mind, here’s my list of goals.

  1. Make it through the offseason without anymore dumb💩 happening. Looking at you Sutton.

  2. Make it through training camp and preseason healthy.

  3. Win the last game of the year.I don’t care if we slide in as the 7th seed. The only thing that matters is bringing home the Lombardi.


I think realistically the best any team can set as a minimum goal is to make the conference championship game. And that is for the elite teams - I put Detroit in that category (can’t believe I just said that). Basically reserved for the top 4 or 5 teams in the league. I don’t buy superbowl or bust - getting through the season, winning playoff games and having a realistic chance at the bowl is what a good team does.


The goal is to win The Super Bowl

Win all home games
Win all division games
First round bye

-stay as healthy as possible by God’s grace!

  • 20-0 until proven otherwise!

If this happens we will be the ONLY team to go winless one season and then undefeated another as well!!

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  1. Sign Jake Bates.
  2. Stay healthy.
  3. Continue last year’s trend of no back-to-back losses.
  4. Buy pet lion.
  1. train pet lion… to eat packers
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The Lions MUST win the Super Bowl, otherwise my vision of winning 3 of the next 6 Super Bowl after the Kneecaps presser will be dead and I will be revealed as a raving lunatic instead of a seer. But beyond that, I’ll be OK with whatever happens. Because Dan, Brad and the players they target for this team are compelling, relatable and stalwart humans.

I’ve often compared rooting for professional teams to the emotional investment I give to dot racing. But these Lions are at another level. If they stumble this season and don’t make the playoffs, I’ll be surprised and disappointed. And Dan will feel my pain and all these good people will still be ours. On to 2025!! We got it good…

So you’re just looking for baby steps. :wink:

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If none of this happens except the last one, I will die a happy man.

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  1. Keep pet lion away from foxes.

Jack Fox would easily defeat an adult Lion. He’d be riding the Lion within 17 seconds.

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Pride of wild lions following Fox around seeking his approval… yup!

I would like to sign a Lion though. Put him on kickoff team. Have Fox spray the football with some blood, don’t feed the Lion for a couple days and then let him go eat a Packer return man or 2.

Sounds a bit gruesome but you know you’d watch that… haha

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Silly, - I want to keep the pet lion alive.

It would be alive. Fox would train it with his experimental Ninja strategies.

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@Bols it’s May… no football for months…gonna be lots of ridiculous threads coming.

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