Godwin Igwebuike changing to RB position



Looks like no Gurley (which IMO is a good thing).

Is this kinda like sorry, not sorry. Getting cut, not getting cut. Which translates to definitely getting cut.

I think he realized he had no shot at making the roster as a safety and that we were light at RB so he’s to try and make it there. Or at least hopefully show enough we would give him a PS spot.

I think he’s highly unlikely to make the team.

I think most people already were thinking the Lions should be looking to bring in another safety.

Having 1 less person at that position makes it seem like the Lions should be signing one soon.

We will be converting Gurley to safety.


Are you crazy? Gurley is no Kyle Pitts.


That’s a good point.

I was thinking more of how Barry Sanders converted Rod Woodson to safety with a knee injury.



I have been looking for that footage forever. Ugh. You can see Woodson’s right cleat get grabbed and held by the turf so badly his left leg actually kicks it loose.


It made me wonder if this was preemptive because he knew we were signing someone soon or a trade was happening etc.