Goff, Alim and Teammates Speak!

This is not intended to be another Goff debate… just a presser from today :wink:


Good interview, nothing earth shattering but I just wanted to throw out some observations. Last season he changed his stance from a right foot forward in the shotgun snap to left foot, it opened him up for more left side vision and throws. He worked with his personal quarterback coach, Adam Dedeaux, to improve his footwork and refine his throwing mechanics. "“We’ve talked about it over the years but it’s the first time that we were able to commit to it. We got permission from the coaching staff to go full head of steam with it,” he said.

The two also worked on varying Goff’s release and taking better advantage of his athleticism in the pocket. Describing the tweaks as “toolkit stuff,” Dedeaux said being able to change arm angles will make Goff more of a weapon in the pocket."

Then there’s this.

The Lions ran play action with Goff just 22 percent of the time in 2021, 26th among qualified QBs. His Expected Points Added — an efficiency stat often used to measure quarterback success — on play-action pass attempts checked in at a modest 0.10, good for 23rd among qualified quarterbacks. Nothing particularly impressive there. But instead of getting away from play action, the Lions opted for more of it. And it worked beautifully.

In his first year with Ben Johnson as offensive coordinator, Goff’s play-action rate rose from 22 to 27 percent — 17th among QBs. But his EPA on play-action attempts? Best in the NFL at 0.33. For reference, the guy second on the list just played for a Super Bowl. That would be Patrick Mahomes.
The takeaway: No quarterback was more efficient on play-action throws than Goff in 2022. What changed? Better weapons certainly helped. The threat of a running game, thanks to a healthier offensive line, also made a difference. Another thing that helped? Johnson devised an offense that’s difficult to read. The Lions can trot out traditional run looks and end up passing, or vice versa. His sequencing as a play-caller has a tendency to keep defenses guessing. Goff took advantage.

Obviously the Ben Johnson change was huge, but so was Goff’s ability to change and learn on the fly. Point is, neither the Rams or us had seen his ceiling going into the 2022 season. My point to all this is what, if any, changes has Goff been working on this off season? Does he feel comfortable with where he is at as a QB or is there something specific that he is adjusting?


These are the things that differentiate a vet qb who wants to get better vs a rookie who is trying to keep his head above water.


Loved his comments, response, response on being favorites.

“We finished 9-8, 8-2 last ten games, we didn’t win anything , means nothing going into this year.”

Spot on


He’s right! It’s something to build off of, to get some confidence, but if you don’t start fast next year it doesn’t mean anything. Every year is a new year, especially with how much roster turnover there is every season.


Jale hurts just got pd, how did that mske you feel?

“Did he, I hadnt heard”


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I know the wins, playoffs etc, havent come but we have had two class acts at QB over the last 15 yrs.

Two guys that have embraced Detroit along with their wives, fiance.

Class acts both of them. Im biased on Stafford as an UGA fan followed him to Detroit. Goff seems to continue Staffords class and giving his all.

I can root for these guys.


Thanks for sharing.

No idea his long-term future in Detroit but he is a guy I will root for.

He seems real as does his fiance. So hope he exceeds every one’s expectations in Detroit


Goff is so calm and cool about everything he says , it makes me think he’s in control, and intelligent, and able to take it to the next level this season.


The people that do a detailed summary of the video to help us short attention spanned people… You’re the real hero.


Take one look at his lady, and he better be calm and cool under pressure if you know what I mean. :wink:

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Actually, none of that stuff was in the interview, it couldn’t have been more vanilla. Fluff piece, and that’s OK. I added my info just to remind people who Goff is and I wish they would have actually asked if he was working on any changes this year.


Good video with a slight correction in my eyes. But it does mean something, things are moving forward.

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I updated the title of the thread to share the Alim interview…we got enough threads on the go.

But I like where Alim’s future and mindset is at. Buttercup is a fun guy!


He took a lot of snaps last season, I hope they help out that DL with a couple of picks so he doesn’t have to be that guy again this year.


The best news is Alim has stopped eating candy, looking to get fit, wants to be more consistent, and feels much leaner and is open to playing 3 tech. Which several posters have brought up the past year or so… @Thats2 @LineBusy @socko

He looks leaner for sure. Maybe Alim is our 3 tech of the future if he’s in shape!?

The Alim interview is worth your time.


There have been a few posters that have openly advocated for him losing weight and playing lighter, perhaps at 3-tech.

I don’t know what his best position is, but I know Brad keeps referring to him as the NT. I just don’t know. He has quicks and can beat blockers on occasion, but I don’t think he’s a real 3t like we want a 3t.

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He goes on to say at the end, he’s looking to play at 325, and that he feels faster and leaner, I think Alim could be a monster if he gets in shape. That Giants game last year, he was a game wrecker.

Fans forget that Buttercup aka Alim is still 22 years old. He’s got 2 years of nfl experience, but he’s just a kid still. There are dozens of dudes in this years draft older than Alim.


I’m confused?! There is nothing included in this topic about a mock draft.


I did listen to the interview, really smart guy about who he is and where he is going.