Goff Contract details

When the Broncos won the Superbowl Payton Manning was a pretty close equivalent to the QB on an electric vibrating football table.

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Jackson in Baltimore last year is the closest to a one-man show that I can think of in recent history. They were the best team in the league.

We were specifically talking about Lions current situation vs the last 60 years.

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I think LV will be a suitor. Miami will be a suitor. Seattle may be. Pitt may be. I think there is enough going on in this scenario to push the salary way up. Not sure about $65m per but so think he’ll be around $60m.

Jared Goff Contract:

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2028 has an option, which allows the Lions to reduce his 2028 cap hit and negotiate a new deal over the summer if they so choose. It’s very similar to the option placed in ARSB’s contract (if they exercise the option, they pay Saint $20M in March and reduce his 2028 cap hit from $41M to $26M) which will allow the Lions to work on a deal for ARSB, without the burden of a $41M cap hit hampering any UFA signings.

It’s the same thing for Jared, but we don’t know what the exact amount of the 2028 option is, OTC will update it when they get the contract.

Also includes a no-trade clause. Bad news for Hooker fans, as Goff will have to approve a trade.



also no trade clause wooof

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After LA, can you blame him and his agents for asking? Dude wants to be here. Let him be here.


I dont mind tbh but i know others will lol

Heres his yearly cap hit% by year.
Compared to the other 31 starters

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Good stuff!

Normally Lions players begged to be traded… now they want no trade clauses.

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may also be why it is a four year deal and not a five year deal as so many QB extensions are.

Of the 13 major extensions in the last 5 years.

7 of them were 5 year deals
Burrow, Jackson, Hurts, Herbert, Allen, Watson, Murray.

6 of them were 4 year deals
Rogers, Prescott, Cousins, Jones, Stafford, Goff

And notice.
The 5 year extensions, all but 1 was a rookie deal extension excluding watson

And all but 1 of the 4 year deals was a 3+ contract excluding Jones

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@Snags asked this about Jared Goff’s contract in a thread that has been closed.

So this is what the difference is going forward considering old contract, franchise tag and 2nd tag and the perceived value for 2027 and 2028 based on the actual extension…

Goff Contract Difference

In 2021, Josh Allen signed his extension for what was perceived as “Top End” for $43M/yr and in 2024, we signed our “Top End” QB for $53M/yr. So, the $10M increase amounts to a 23.25%. If the “Top End” QB increases by the same amount over another 3yr period, we’d be looking at over $65M for QB’s in 2027.

I think it’s a great contract for Jared Goff, but I think it’s an even better contract for the Detroit Lions. Not only are the contact numbers reasonable, but it sends a great message to the locker room and the rest of the league that Detroit takes care of their own.

I know a lot of people wanted to go the franchise tag route, but it sends a horrible message to the locker room and the rest of the league. This is a good fair contract, kudos’ to the Lions brass. I would much rather see fair contracts, then a contract that takes advantage of a situation


I think some of those “lot of people” were like me in acknowledging the franchise tag was an option in the long negotiating picture. It’s not something I advocated because of the message you stated. As it turns out, Goff got’er done without squeezing too hard.

Goff’s new contract seems fair and reasonable to me from my bleacher seats and I’m happy it’s settled.

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Exactly. That was an argument I made a while back. The Lions culture is built on former players who care about their players as humans. If they didn’t think Goff was the guy they would tell him and let him and his agent explore trade options or free agency

They wouldn’t string him along on a Franchise tag. Especially after what’s he’s done and how important he has been for this turnaround

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