Goff extension

Goff isn’t getting a contract extension anytime soon so why worry about it.

If he backs up last season with another like it or leads the Lions to playoff victory then I think most Lions fans will happily pay the man.

I would

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If Goff was agreeable to a 3 year extension at $35M a year with a signing bonus of $12M up front, I’m a yes.
That locks him up through 2027 with a cap hit of $39M a year. By 2025 this will look like a bargain.
Not sure Brad or Goff would go for it, but it looks fair for both sides at this time.
The way Brad/Dan are building this team, we need a good + QB to win it all, not a top 5.

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I agree. An Eli manning or a Ben Roethlissberger

…although…don’t put it past Brad to land an absolute superstar either

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