Goff extension

I could see goff getting offered a contract extension for 3years 100 plus million if he dont take what they offer draft QB early but have the talk so he knows lions want him. cant wait another year because they shouldn’t be drafting this high for awhile

If Daniel Jones gets over 40m why in the world would Goff take 33m?

Jones may not ultimately. These upcoming QB contracts are pretty big in terms of the Lions future plans.


Goff is probably getting 45m per if he were to sign a contract today. He isn’t worth that so we might as well wait. When a QB like Daniel Jones is being talked about as potentially signing for 40m, we shouldn’t translate that as “oh then Goff is worth 50!” It should be, Daniel Jones was one bad season away from being a backup. Now he’s getting 40m…something is off here…

Don’t follow suit…the market is ****ed!

And why does offering Goff an extension now that he turns down mean we need to draft a QB in the 1st round of 2023? We have at minimum the 2024 and 2025 draft to get our next QB. And the 2026 draft if he is franchise tagged. The urgency is not there. Doesn’t mean we don’t take a QB if there’s one we like. But we are fine…we have our QB1 for the next three seasons. Relax…


Oh, good! Yet another Goff thread.
Cause we didn’t talk about extending Goff in either Daniel Jones thread or any of the thousands of Goff threads.


Yep! It’s about the right QB. If the right guy had been there last year, I’d have been pushing.
The right guy isn’t going to be found in the first round this year, either. He might be there in the second round, though!

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Well… I am one of the #1 pro-Goff guys on here, and I would highly consider drafting a QB early this year… Why?

Going 10-7 or 11-6 and winning a playoff game next year puts us in the mid 20’s draft slot… a trade up would be 3 years of first to get inside the top 10, and right now I only see 2 clear names… By there it could be 3 or 4, but I’m going with what I know…

Right now 8 QBs have a 40MM APY contract in place

R Wilson

  • I would assume Burrow and Hurts eclipse that soon, maybe Herbert too… So 40MM would pay him top 12…

If he is willing to play hard an wait it out for 2 years before trying to cash in, that’s great… but I wouldn’t mind having that toolsy guys in the fold…

If Goff doesn’t want to be here long term on a team friendly deal, I don’t blame him, but I also won’t pay him more…

If we knew Goff wasn’t in the plans next year it would be easy to afford 2 top shelf defensive free agents… trading him next year would add draft capital and knock over $26,000,000 of the books

I have taken my stance on Goff for 3 reasons…

  1. I think he’s a good fit for the type of offense, scheme, and play style DC wants here…

  2. I think he’s a good locker room fit, and a good community fit that will allow DC to be the voice/face

  3. I think he’s a top 6-10 QB over the next 5 years if kept in our system…and I would pay him at the #10-11 guy right now…

Why would the potential #6-7 guy take #10-12 money? He wasn’t viewed as top 10, or even top 15 by any media, and not even top 20 by some one year ago…

If he rejects a fair deal that benefits both sides, and we draft a QB, then his stock PLUMMETS league wide as the storyline become Goff wanted too much money “again” and team didn’t feel he was worth it…

— I truly don’t see that though… I honestly believe he takes 120MM- 125MM on top of 62M… We are talking 182MM-187MM more here in Detroit…

If that doesn’t jive and we aren’t willing to go higher (I wouldn’t get close to 50MM no matter what he does this year (short of 40 TDs and SB appearance)…

Thus we either figure out that he’s the guy, or we figure out the best path to get the guy… Him saying no now, and having another good year doesn’t solve the problem…

I have no worries about being stuck with Goff, I have worries about being stuck OVERPAYING him.

It was a 9% cap incqrease this year.

Goff signed a 33.5mAAV deal in 2019 through 2024.

2021 QB deals
Allen 43m AAV 6 yrs
Dak 40m 4 yrs

Those deals, along with Mahomes 45m aav in 2020 seem to be aging alright.

2022 QB deals
Kyler 46m AAV 5 yrs
Russ 48.5m AAV 5 yrs
Watson 46m AAV 5 yrs all guranteed
Stafford 40m AAV 4 yrs
Rogers 50m AAV 3 yrs

That is a got dan nightmare.

Lamar Jackson
Danny Dimes
Derek Carr
Jimmy G
Geno Smith

I expect Lamar to AAV up there with the 2022 guys.
I exoect Geno to AAV closer to Goffs last deal.

Thats the range. Those 3 guys in the middle, take their average, and thats about where Goff will be. My guess is $40m on a hometoen discount, maybe 42. He doesnt have the wheels to get to the top shelf.

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Common @LionFrog - There is a serious quota of at least 7 new Goff threads per day that we gotta hit or something real bad is about to happen. Replies don’t get enough attention. When in doubt always start a new thread.

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40 million is overpaying. The only reason you don’t think so is because every QB is overpaid. Just look at the teams that hand out massive contracts to QBs like Goff. Now you tell me what team has been successful after the fact?

45m or 55m…it doesn’t matter. It’s significantly more than what these guys are worth. Better to wait and see if he really is that good and stays healthy. Than paying and being stuck followed by the inevitable blow it up and start over. The longer you delay pouring more money into Goff, the longer the window is. The risk far outweighs the reward in an early extension.

You draft a QB this year at 6 and see if Goff plays the way he did last year. You think they doesn’t send a message? You don’t take a QB at 6 unless he’s the guy. You wait…even if you have to give up 3 future #1s to get your guy. We have 3 years of draft picks we have to pay over the course of the next 5 years. Our team is gonna be pretty well off when that happens. And we can’t keep paying these draft Homeruns that Holmes keeps bringing in.

You don’t sign a guy early because it might save you a few bucks down the road. You don’t need to draft a guy now when our current QB is here for three more years. And you don’t worry about having to move up to take your QB when our current guy is just fine under his contract and performance.

Our QB situation is good. Relax…no need to rush to figure out 2026 and beyond. Be happy where we are at. If there is someone DC likes enough to take, I’m
On board. I don’t want to pay Goff unless that’s my only option. Right now, we have many options we can take.

I talked to JD and he said, “what’s the point of having a great QB if can’t put a team around him”, or something to that effect.
I agree 100%!
I wouldn’t pay Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers money. It destroys your team.


Bro you gotta calm down or we might become friends. This agreeing stuff is getting out of hand!

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Dammit! I agree, again!


100% truth → I don’t understand the cap well enough to comment.
I can say, if it drastically impedes our progress/growth &/or inhibits us from acquiring/bringing back top talent…you have to figure out where your pain point is for the line you draw in the sand.

Also…Shockingly…I trust Holmes.


That’s probably the most shocking point of the entire offseason, people actually trusting Holmes, Campbell, Dorsey and the office linebacker!

And I agree. But it sure is shocking to feel that way. The Lions have put us all through hell for decades, hard to trust them.

When we draft Gonzalez or Witherspoon at 6 and extend Goff through 2028 and win a SB birth in 2025 with an improved defense I’m going to pull up this post and crow like crazy

Of course if we draft AR at 6OA and he becomes the league MVP on the way to a SB, I’m going to celebrate with a big plate of crow with extra hot sauce

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Yeah, it sure would suck to be like KC, Buffalo, LAR (and soon CIN, LAC, etc.).

Every team that pays their quarterback market salary sucks. Except the ones that don’t, of course.

Never said that. There are exceptions…and you listed the Chiefs and Bills. The Rams though? How do they qualify? And the other two haven’t paid their guys yet. But I would bet the Bengals will be just fine. Burrow is elite and it’s ok to pay for these types (I’ve said that all along). Jury still out on Herbert. But he is a guy I would pay vs letting walk.

Goff isn’t any of the QBs listed above. Now list the guys who are comparable to Goff and tell me how that’s worked out. There’s quite a few…

Every year someone sets the market for the position. 3 years from now 40 mil plus will be a bargain. And I know this much….for the love of god please keep us with a top 10 QB. I don’t care who it is but I’ll be damned if I want to go through the crap we had before stafford and now Goff.

The Lions have to draft a legitimate QB to develop. There’s no reason to extend Goff right now but we better have a guy developing or we will end up paying 40-50 million in a year or two.

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I think they can extend Goff for three years and pay 30 some million a year. I think he wants to stay here, his fiancée makes a zillion dollars as a supermodel and he’s already made a bunch of money in his career

If he wants $50 million a year then it’s time to look elsewhere. That’s too much money to pay any one player even where the cap is going. If we can get him on an extension for 30 some million a year that will end up being 10 or less than 10% of the In a few years when the new TV contracts kick in

There’s no point though in pearl-clutching right now anticipating Goff will want a top-value contract. Let’s wait to see what information comes out when they actually have these discussions