Goff isn't going to do anything without a receiver

Really hope this team has a plan to move up in the draft. Stocking the trenches is one thing. But there are certain fundamentals to football, like, say, giving your quarterback someone to throw the ball to …



David Kircus is proof you can’t have just anybody.

But that image is hilarious nonetheless.


Trenches bruh! We can get a quality wr with 3b pick

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This is “close” to accurate, I like seeing them go trenches both sides. We have had great receivers and done nothing the last 20 years because of not having a strong OL/DL. Hoping this front office/HC is headed in the right direction


I think Swift will be used like Eckler and get 70-80 receptions. Hocks numbers should go up. I think they could double dip wr in the midle to late rounds.


Golliday was a 3rd rounder wasn’t he?


You don’t count on blasting 3rd round WRs. Golladay was an exception, not the rule

Plenty other successful late round wide receivers

There are a lot of really talented receivers left. One of Marshall, R. Moore, D. Brown or T. Wallace will be there in the third. All have a ton of talent

So the interpretation of what I said was that Golladay was the only one ever…got it

I think D. Brown has first round talent. I get Eric Moulds vibes from him.

According to the experts here, you can easily plug in late-round WRs and be fantastic.


Only WR I see with WR1 potential is Marshall. The rest can be solid players but I just don’t see star potential. A little disappointed…but we aren’t contending next year regardless.

I will trust the process

I don’t know if he’s a number 1 but if he’s healthy Rondale Moore is a major, major problem. He is a total game wrecker when he’s right.

Dyami Brown has #1WR potential. I think Tylan Wallace does as well.

I couldn’t disagree more about Rondale. He is a luxury pick for a team with a good WR core. He went to the perfect place. Because he’s a solid #3. Nothing more imo. I was praying we didn’t draft him

I like the other two you mentioned. But not for us. I would rather at this point just draft a solid slot and roll with Williams and Perriman on the outside. Darden is who I will hope for at pick 101

Rams took Cooper Kupp in the same 3rd round as Kenny Golladay.

Is the WR group on the Lions weak? yes, but who cares we are not trying to win next season. Address all other posibefore WR, wr and RB are the last things to fill out a good team and you do not want to invest $ in wr so you want them on cheap deals.

Give a QB and WR’s enough time and it doesn’t matter who they are.