Goff now the fourth longest tendered Lion

Jared Goff has now been on the Lions active roster longer than all but 3 players:

Taylor Decker
Frank Ragnow
Jack Fox

Skipper and Kennedy were first on active roster before Goff, but have been cut, been on PS and even been on other team roster.

Life in the Not For Long (NFL).


Pretty amazing

Part of that has been the systematic churn away from a bad roster
The Lions now have a bunch of players you really don’t want to see go
Will be interesting to see who they have to eventually let walk — could be some good players.

I love the way Holmes is building this team.


Pretty amazing is right.

Holmes has literally turned over the entire roster except 3.


Holmes identified the right 3 to keep.
Amazing to see a well run Lion team, wasn’t sure I would ever see it.


I know you are doing this based on continual tenure…

But jrm, GG, skipper, etc have all been with the lions longer in total time despite their brief tenures with other teams.

With that said, goff has really shown up for us since he was sent to NFL purgatory and skewered by the media. There are times when he goes a bit “goof” instead of Goff, but those have become way less frequent as the team around him has been built.


Which was acknowledge in his post.
I agree on Goff stepping up and improving his game.

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I really only mentioned it becauae JRM and GG werent mentioned but yes


Yup - This entire team is like a match made in heaven. I think Goff would have faded into damn near obscurity if he had gone anywhere else. Our coaches, team, culture, etc were EXACTLY perfect for him and what he needed.

Goff & Johnson made each other’s jobs easier.
Speilman, Sheila, Holmes ----> Brad —> Dan

Dan–> Brad → Speilman → Sheila

Juuuust glorious and beautiful from top to bottom.

The way brotherhood and love are taught here, was necessary for them all too.
Goff’s ability to be extremely patient and coachable through everything was key.
Goff’s natural “wiring” of being love-driven over significance driven was a perfect fit for the brotherhood.

We had a young OC, a pretty young QB, and young WRs. Goff was instrumental in stabilizing the energy of the WRs, and possibly even Ben at times…Campbell is the main stoic trustworthy energy, but every integral part contributes.

We teh fans are SOOOOO LUCKY

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I just want to shamelessly give kudos to the two or three of us who stood behind goff since the get go and recognized what a media hit job was put on him

The Gofflings is a welcoming group that accepts everyone. Even those who thought he was a weak armed turnover machine coward with girl energy and no pocket presence

Come on in. the blue kool aid is spiked with rum and the chef is making chicken fried steaks and ribeyes for everyone

If you need directions call 1-800-For-Goff

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And those of you that were unmoved when Goff had no weapons and looked like dog shit for a few weeks of 2022. That’s where I lost faith for a bit. I had been a fierce defender prior to that.


A moment of weakness is forgivable

grab some kool aid, friend and enjoy. How do you like your steaks? medium rare OK?

Is there another way?

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That works sauteed mushrooms on the side with broccoli and I’m happy…and as you are over the craft beer, we can go with a bourbon.
When do we show up?

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mushrooms and a classic chimichurri. I did tri tips last night on the BBQ with chimichurri and baby cucumber salad.

soooo good

Also always have bourbon on the shelf. Buffalo Trace is my go to

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I think the word you want is “tenured”.