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Goff’s 2021 QBR was 24th, in 2022 he’s up all the way to 5th best, and while QBR isn’t the end all be all of stats, I think this accurately tells the story of how much Goff improved this year, and how good he is now. Not elite, but the bottom of the top.

Mahomes, Allen, Tua, and Hurts had better QBR’s, keeping in mind that QBR favors rushing QB’s.

In old school QB Rating, Goff finished 7th behind, Tua, Mahomes, Garapollo, Hurts, Smith, and Burrow. Rating favors TD’s but Goff wasn’t asked to throw many of them because of our great red zone rushing.

This is where Goff crushed everyone: He had the lowest TD/Int ration in the league, despite his team having so many rushing TD’s. I would say this is the one area where you can definitely say he was “Elite” this year.

Goff was sacked the least of every top QB besides Tua and Brady. A credit to our O line and Goff’s awareness and Ben’s scheme.

If you look at Goff’s splits there are still signs he needs pieces around him, given that his poorest games coincided with injuries on the line and in the receiving corp.

In contract negotiations, Goff will be able to solidly argue for top 5 qb money based on his performance this year. As much as we want to go on a spending spree, we’ll still need to make sure we are in a good position to have the option of extending him in 2024.


Still can’t deal with reality, huh?
No QB in the league is the Lone Ranger. Not one!
Please, continue.

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You are assuming I don’t agree with you? QB’s need pieces around them to be successful, some a bit more than others. Goff is probably average in this respect based on his body of work, so no need to find argument where none exists (though I understand that’s how the Den operates).

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He improved tremendously on passes 15+ yards this season from stats I just saw. Ill see if I can find them.

Here’s one:

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Sorry, bro! I’m just gun shy after two years of having to defend him.

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Yeah, maybe we can all relax now. He’s proven himself to most of the people who said he needed to prove himself (including me). I bet only a small minority remains, and not many on this forum. FWIW, I looked at all the latest mock drafts yesterday and none of them have us taking a QB. So I think people are catching on.


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