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Rams Alum Jared Goff Breaks Social Media Silence After Lions Trade To Share Sweet Message To Girlfriend


  • February 15, 2021

Jared Goff has been absent from social media since he confirmed he was leaving the Los Angeles Rams to join the Detroit Lions. The NFL player will be switching places with Matthew Stafford when the new season starts. Although Goff has kept a low-profile since the news broke, he broke his silence on Valentine’s Day. The quarterback shared a sweet message dedicated to his girlfriend Christen Harper on the very special day.

Jared Goff | Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Jared Goff trade

Goff will be leaving the Rams as the team traded him for Stafford from the Lions. News of trade came after Goff the team barely made the playoffs this season and lost in the Divisional playoffs to the Packers. Tension between Goff and coach Sean McVay was apparent during the first playoffs encounter against the Seahawks.

John Wolford was made the starting quarterback for that game after Goff underwent surgery after a thumb injury. However, Wolford suffered an injury during that game and Goff came in to deliver a win to the next stage of the playoffs. Despite his best efforts, Goff was announced to be leaving the Rams.

“Thank you to the entire city of Los Angeles for welcoming a 21-year-old kid with open arms and making this town feel like home,” Goff wrote in a statement posted on Instagram confirmed the trade.

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“This city has shaped the man I’ve become and I will forever be grateful for the Kroenke family, my coaches, the support staff, and most importantly, my teammates for competing and fighting with me every Sunday,” Goff continued. “I’ve made memories with every one of you in that locker room that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Jared Goff and Christina Harper on Valentine’s Day

A week after confirming the trade, Goff was all love for his girlfriend Harper. The QB updated his Instagram Stories to share a photo of the two on the day to celebrate love.

“My valentine,” Goff captioned the picture.

Harper replied on her own Instagram Stories adding, “Luckiest girl.” In another post, the model showcased a beautiful bouquet of pink roses she received.

To be honest, I’m very excited that we got Goff and am looking very forward to see where we can take this team with him as our QB.


Why cant I ever run into the California duchebags that call Michigan a shithole I hate how our state is always linked to Detriot and Flint and I will say both Citys have done a good job of trying to rebuild and clean up alot of the run down areas.This state has more natural beauty and amazing places that 95% of the other states.Sorry for that rant the Crown Apple is getting me fired up tonight…lol


People that call ANY place a shithole are jerks IMO. People live there. It’s some people’s home. Show some respect.

Except for Green Bay. Total shithole!


I didn’t notice the response by one of his followers calling Detroit a “shithole”, I was focused on what Goff had to say.

I like the thought of year-round warm weather but I don’t know if LA is quite a “paradise” either. Almost 600 murders there a year annually.

LA is a whole bunch of separate communities some of which are amazing and some of which are terrifying. I guess that’s true of every major metropolitan area to an extent but it’s especially true in L.A.

But that traffic :man_facepalming:


Our state is nice. It’s the 5+ months of cold darkness that requires a shit ton of alcohol.

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It’s not often you can trade for a 7 year younger version of the QB you just had AND get two 1st and a 3rd round draft picks as well.


I live in Wisconsin and I agree. Coincidently, shitheads inhabit shitholes.
Obviously, some exceptions exist, myself being one.

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Welcome to Detroit Christina Harper! Err… Jared Goff! :grin:


Yeah, we may have downgraded at qb, but at qb’s significant other? That’s a high first rounder in anybody’s draft!

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Cleveland’s worse.

Hopefully his girlfriend isn’t self centered, arrogant, entitled, looks down on the peasants, and insulting.

There are definitely some beautiful places and ones that people are not aware of, but I think 95% might be pushing it.

Each state has their own charm. It’s a matter of opinion.
I think northern California and Wyoming are two of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Jared, save your relationship with this babe. Don’t let her leave L.A. to come visit you in Michigan until, like, Memorial Day at the earliest.

Haha, I don’t think a 25 year old QB with a 100 million in the bank needs any women advice.

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I would pipe her. Wait…does that mean I will be traded to a new fan base??? If so please don’t trade me to the packers fan base.

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