Golden Tate impressed with Brock Purdy's legs

Jared needs to work on his own this offseason. You know, to keep drives going, bootleg it for the TD. Shit like that.

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Here they are…

But he ran through Lions tacklers like he had Tom Platz’s legs…

dumb and dumber GIF

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Tate is a perv

creeper creeping GIF

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Everyone knows that the Lions struggle against running QB’s.

Even the non-athletic, slow, white guys.

If Goff signs an extension I’d like his entire offseason to be training on an obstacle course and taught how to take yards the defense offers for free more frequently

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Everyone knows White Men can’t jump… but now they’re unathletic and slow too!? You need a timeout @Bols :laughing::laughing:

Fail White Men Cant Jump GIF by Tomi Ferraro, Sportz