Golden Tate on trade block. - His wife goes off on NYG

Looks like Tate is in the trade block.

His wife goes off on social media about Tate’s situation.

I’m good with signing him next year. Danny is fine, Golden is better.


If you’re playing moneyball, I think the sweet spot in the WR market (other than draftees) is past prime but not yet over-the-hill guys. I wouldn’t trade for him, but I’d sign him to a market contract. I suspect that would be in the 5-ish range, maybe a teeny bit more.

All Dave Gettleman knows how to do is ship players out of New York. Its clear he has no real plan for building the team.

Agree with your thoughts on this. I love the idea of two proven vet WRs in the $6-8million category (still physically in their prime), and a couple of younger draft picks that are on their way up. One of the young guys should be able to take the top off of a defense.

This works assuming your staff has the ability to draft a WR or two that can contribute right away. Not always the case, ahem.

Me to

That sounds oddly familiar…

Page out of the Matt Millen book “How to be a football GM for Dummy’s.”

All I know is that I’m glad I’m not a pro football player with a wife who is active on social media…

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You wouldn’t enjoy watching your wife say that anyone who supports your enemy is like a group of baby birds hungering for his drops of semen for them to lap up…and sending it out to the whole world by name? And yes thats a real world NFL wife social media post for anyone who didn’t immediately get the reference.

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I’d be perfectly happy making millions a year and having a smoking hot wife who supports me.

If that were the case I wouldn’t give to shits what she said.

But hey that’s just me.

I still believe that Golden was part of the anti-Patricia train with Quin, Slay and Diggs and will never be brought back as long as Patricia is here.

I’d offer a 7th round pick. :laughing:

You would be correct.

Don’t know what Tate is crying about he started 2 damn games out of 7…got 29 targets , caught most of those 22 , 2 TD’s .

he’s 32 years old.

I wonder if the Jalen Ramsey feud played a part in this :thinking:

Lol. I’ve been called out before. I’ve been made fun of before. If I had a job and my boss was mean to me and my wife got on social media and blasted my boss and company I would be insanely pissed. There is support which should happen in private, then there is lighting your spouses career on fire by being stupid going wide online. If I’m a GM I am considering more than just what I’m getting in a players on field production. I’m considering if he’s towing along a loose cannon wife who will go on blast on social media the first time he doesn’t get what SHE thinks he should get. I swear, we are living in a world where children in a sandbox are in their 20’s and 30’s and still act like children in a sandbox.

Is it me or does it seem like Tate wears out his welcome quite quickly in a new place?

hey at least he didn’t sleep w/ the qbs wife this time.