Golladay and Hockenson on COVID list

The only two I’ve seen that are on the COVID-reserve list.

Better now than later


Oruwariye, Jalen Elliott, and Arryn Siposs are the 3 others so far.


Pride of Detroit



5 #Lions players have been placed on COVID-19 list Jalen Elliott Kenny Golladay T.J. Hockenson Amani Oruwariye Arryn Siposs

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Does the COVID list mean that you tested positive, or that you may have been exposed to someone who tested positive?

Both. Either you have tested positive, or you were around someone who tested positive.

Ok, thanks for the clarification. Hoping it’s the latter for everyone.

From PFT:

Two key members of the Lions Offense have been placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

The NFL’s daily transaction report brings word that wide receiver Kenny Golladay and tight end T.J. Hockenson have both been placed on the list by the team. Defensive back Jalen Elliott, defensive back Amani Oruwariye and punter Arryn Siposs are also going to be out of action because they either tested positive or are in quarantine due to close contact with an infected person.

If players have tested positive, they must follow certain protocols to return. Asymptomatic players must wait 10 days since the positive test or test negative twice within a 24-hour span at least five days after the positive test. Symptomatic players will be out for at least 10 days since experiencing symptoms and must have 72 hours without symptoms. A doctor’s clearance is also needed for players in both categories.

Players who are in close contact with an infected person and test negative may return after a second negative test within 24 hours of receiving the results of the first one. They will be tested daily for the next week as well.

Golladay had 65 catches for 1,190 yards and 11 touchdowns last season. Hockenson, a 2019 first-round pick, had 32 catches for 367 yards and two touchdowns before landing on injured reserve.

Might need some guys to step up to start the season, maybe the first 3-4 games. At least. Hopefully these guys will be okay, and return asap.

5 out of 90 so far. That seems like a high percentage to me.

At least they will be cleared by the season.

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Except I don’t think having it now, prevents you from getting it later. So it could be now and later. But let’s hope for no more exposures for these 2. Yikes.


To date, They really do not know that for sure …

I’d prefer to get this crap done now… have the whole team go down for the new two weeks and be done with it hopefully!

U.S. Population 328 million
cases 4.5 million

One out of every 72 people have it, and those are just confirmed cases. If you believe the numbers, anyone who lives in any large population center has been exposed to someone who has had it.


Add Stafford to the list