Golladay trade

if lions don’t sign golladay could they sign and trade him

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Haha, Golladay kind of has a say here. Only way we do this is to Franchise Tag him. I actually like the idea as we don’t have to take a first rounder for him. If we cannot find a trade partner, you can always hang onto him and resign or trade next year.

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Been saying this for months, much of the board disagreed with me

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I should have said tag and trade


would there be a cap hit if tag and trade

We disagreed that tagging him twice was a better move than just paying the man.

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That too

Tag and trade is actually not a bad idea at all for a rebuilding team. Of course, you’re not going to get a huge return for a guy on a one-year deal. But you never know until you try, even if it’s just part of a package to move up in the draft.

If you get no takers, you can always just remove the tag and let him walk. The risk being that he signs the minute you apply the tag, and then you’re stuck with him. Although even in that sense, I think we could always just cut him with no penalty, since tag money is all salary, no? I believe in that case the only downside is that we can’t use the tag on anyone else. But so what?

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Following up with help from my friend Google…

The franchise tag number for wide receivers last year was $18.5 million. Which could be a problem in any tag and trade scenario, given how tight most teams look to be with cap space next year. I’d assume most teams considering something like this would want to agree on terms of a new contract before pulling the trigger on this, for that reason alone.

So… fun to think about, probably not gonna happen.

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You can’t cut a player once they signed the tag… Once they sign, you have to pay them the guaranteed salary of the tag or trade them, then the other team absorbs the guaranteed salary… But they’d sign the player long term anyway

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In fairness to a lot of folks here if you would’ve posed the same question with the presumption that Stafford was gone there likely would’ve been a different mix of responses.

If we are not going to sign him long term it would be nice to get something for him even 3rd or 4th

Not unless he signs it.


seems like a few years ago teams used to tag and trade but don’t remember hearing any last few years but I don’t follow team like I used to. I us to to get in a bad mood for days watching lions

I highly expect us to tag him and then lift the tag in a trade scenario. This happens fairly often.

You have to explain this to his agent ahead of time and let them seek a trade partner that will meet the agreed upon compensation.

I’ve been saying we should tag and trade Golladay since before the bye week. I think this is the most likely scenario.

Keep in mind that if we can’t get something better than a 3rd round pick we should just wait and take the comp pick.

In order for a tag and trade deal to happen the Lions will need to feel they can get at least a 3rd round pick for him.

If not mistaken aren’t comp picks based on free agents lost to free agents signed. I would think the lions will be bringing in a few free agents

Dollar values play a part i believe…

What incentive does Golladay have to do this? From Golladay’s perspective, why would he want the Lions negotiating on his behalf, rather than just letting him walk and negotiating a new deal on his own?

If I’m his agent, I tell him to sign the contract the minute the Lions apply the tag. It’s $18.5 mil cash money guaranteed, for a guy coming off an injury, plus the ability to do this again next year and add MORE upfront cash when he finally signs a long-term deal.

That’s the risk–that we’d be on the hook for an $18.5-million cap hit.