Good Listen - Former NFL DT Derek Wolfe talking about playing with injuries in the NFL

Wolfe played 9 seasons in the nfl, mostly with the Broncos, won one super bowl and had 34 career sacks. Pretty wild the shit these dudes play through. Worth a listen. He retired last year.


I didn’t watch it yet, but I know he’s a radio host out here in Denver on 104.3 The Fan. I’ve listened to him a few times…he would fit in our locker room. I would listen to him more but his cohost is a dillhole.

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Dude was taking mushrooms and adderall before games! ■■■■■■■ wild.

How could anyone ever be mean with psilocybin in thier system? WTF???

Microdose he said, combined with Adderall, which is basically legal meth! These dudes will take anything if it allows them to play.

But get suspended for smoking weed. :man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


Extremely valid and accurate point. Much better to get pain injections before games and pop a bunch of oxycodone pills, never fail a drug test doing that right! Calvin pointed all this out when he retired, not many people heard him because the NFL didn’t want that getting out too much.


I usex to coach an NFL player’s son, & you guys are on point with this. His mom (wife of the player) was telling me some stuff. Eeeesh…


It takes just focusing on the lions and the people on the lions to stomach the NFL. For em anyways. The love of football and the the lions (Barry, Calvin, stafford and now dan, Goff etc)

Bc the nfl kinda sucks

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100% brother! That’s exactly how I feel.

Sometimes it’s better to be a casual fan I think. Just watch for entertainment, don’t take it seriously. For the hardcore fans, which i know most of the den is, we start seeing behind the curtain and it’s hard to stomach.

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