Good Morning Canada!

Justin Trudeau!!

That is all. Now hash it out and us Americans will sit back and observe.

…you said “hash”.

I think I meant back bacon.

But, you said, “hash”.
I’m pretty sure Trudeau smokes a lot of it.

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Dave Chappelle’s latest standup special on Netflix totally nails this shit.


October 21 is the election. Getting this POS out is going to be one of the best days in the history of Canada. This clown isn’t qualified to run a 7-11, let alone a country. He is a total buffoon.

He is turning Canada into a socialist country, full of “refugees”, who sponge off working class people. I live it every single day.

As far as black face thing goes, it shouldn’t be a big deal… but these are the standards that Trudeau and the rest of the left have jammed down our throats. Time for junior to pay the price.


This sums up how I feel perfectly. I think the entire “issue” is stupid and isn’t a big deal. However, once you decide to make it a standard for political purposes…you get to eat the shit sandwich you helped create.

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Yeah, but, you know the left has always been hypocritical on every subject. They only use that against the right. They won’t hold a lefty accountable for treason. A little blackface is no big deal.

The left have always been hypocrites, just like many of the Christians I grew up around… They talk about higher morality, but they can’t follow their own rules. But then they apologize and ask for forgiveness and everything is supposed to be okay. Well, I don’t subscribe to that.

I grew up with lots of hypocrites in the Catholic Church. I don’t think that some political correctness is a bad thing, but using standards of today looking backward are ridiculous. I used to watch Jackie Gleason all the time threaten to knock his wife’s lights out as a joke. I think it is good that is gone, but it was funny at the time. I think it is perfectly OK for a comedian to go over the line as part of their act. We all hate political correctness gone too far.

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Bet you’re a huge fan of the latest Chapelle show on netflix too

We all hate political correctness gone too far…

So apparently U of M was letting a group of Gestapo In Training run around as a “club” and if someone ratted you out for say, liking guns, or bacon, or Trump, or maybe not using your 4th gender pronouns correctly, you got a visit from a Brute Squad…hilariously named the Bias Response Team…hence the Brute Squad…

Yah, this would be PC way too far. And a lower court tried to say that since the anonymous students didn’t actually get a Squad on their door, they weren’t affected and it stuck…appeals court popped that in the mouth. Yay!

Like to see that squad show up on my centrist psuedo-stepdaughters dorm room there…she would light them up…

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I know I loved it… I personally enjoy flirting with the offensive line in my personal life and I find it necessary in comedy.

Yep, it was fantastic. I was LOLing the whole time. Watched it twice. Good stuff there.