Good morning. Jim Bob Cooter is still employed

Thought I’d beat everyone to it. Sorry to depress your day even more.


Thanks… next you’re going to tell me Pasqualoni and Patricia are still employed too? :confused:

“Quinn Man March” doesn’t have the same ring to it …

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I’m fine giving MattyPatty a few years, but JBC had proven he can’t adapt.

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Yeah, that’s the rub. Who is available (now, or after the season) that is 1) better, 2) willing to come here.

I’m available.

And, you’d be willing to come here?
And, how about your wife?:rofl:

For 2 mill per year, I will make it work.

I am willing to come to Detroit and I’ll work for a hometown discount. I am undefeated as a head coach. 1 and a half million and I’m yours. 10 million dollar bonus for my first super bowl. I get first crack at Martha Firestone-Ford. I should be able to speed the romance along. Once she changes the will, the team changes hands, I vow to sell it to a Michigan entrepreneur who will give his word to stay in Michigan or the team will revert to me and I can try again.

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Just checking, is he still employed?

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Our offense looks semi-functional today, please hold …

Arrow route finally works