Good News on CJ

They are saying it’s a clean tear. Which means if we can hold it down he could come back for the last half of the season. Fingers Crossed !!


Good for CJ. I hope he comes back laser-focused and a bit more humble.


Yeah good luck with that.

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This season went to shit real quick. Thank God, we have Walker as a backup.


Torn pec is going to take a few months. Maybe an outside shot at playing in December if everything went perfectly in recovery.

Hate to say it, but CJGJ has a history with injuries. This is 3 straight seasons he’s been placed on IR now.


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Frankly this is cj last season in Detrois imo


Most likely, I feel for the guy because he settled on a 1 year prove it deal. Team friendly deal really and now he’s only proven that he gets hurt all the time. Next year he will be looking at another 1 year prove it deal in free agency. Not going to get that big pay day he’s looking for when he’s on IR every year.

His best bet might be to resign in Detroit. I think he loves it here.


I suspect that will be the case and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened right after season

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I think he does too. The city fits him and he fits the city, and I think he realizes that. Plus I think he likes the coaching staff, and I think he likes the idea of bringing the Lions to relevance again. He probably wants to be a part of a Lions team that “ain’t the same Detroit”.

Plus, we’ve been willing to pay people who we’ve already got in the building. Now that Gardner-Johnson is in the building I think there’s a great chance we pay him. He’s only 25 or something like that. He’s still got several good years in him.

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IF he doesn’t stay, hopefully that means Aaron Glenn got a HC job and took CGJ with him and we get 3 3rd round beans

:beans: chalky it up

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