Good night or good morning, your Lions are 2nd in the Division!

…I mean once you get down to the point differential tie breaker. Win next week, and the Lions are in first place, alone with a division win! Catch the fever!

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What needs to happen for us to make the playoffs?

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What needs to happen for us to make the playoffs?

I am pretty sure the plot line for Major League 2 needs to happen.

Aliens could abduct Rodgers, Adams, Cousins, Dalvin, Dalton, Fields… maybe a few others?

Vikings -3
Lions -8
Bears -20
Packers -35

Knowing the heartbreak that accompanied that Vikings loss for their fans, I don’t mind that they’re ahead of us.

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But in all honesty, if Rodgers plays like he doesn’t care anymore, I could see 8-9 winning this division. How do the Lions get 8 wins? Well, 6 against the north would be a good start…

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6 plane crashes.

We start by beating GB…. We do that then we move in to the next game and plan to win it, repeat until we do or don’t…

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They wouldn’t let Capt. Kirk on their ship, for obvious reasons.

We have as much chance of winning our div as we would have getting any significant help in the draft by hoping the Rams lose a few this season.

I am glad we didn’t drop a game back in the div, way too early to want that. I am happy with the flashes of run game and OL run blocking. The defense can be improved. To me that looked like a new scheme problem. Looked like the players didn’t know where to be.

I suspect the defense will get much better.

I saw the Rams D looking pretty bad too and much like none of these teams played much in the preseason.

So I was thrilled to see Stafford play great, over 300 yards and 3 TD’s, no picks, because I am always loyal to players who have left their blood and sweat on the Ford Field carpet for 12 seasons, AND, in the process all the other div teams lost, and 2 lost worse than we did.

So, no win, but nice no other div teams won either. Great to see Staff have an awesome game and know that the Stafford haters were obviously wanting to see him fail so they could say they were right all those years, great to see Rogers have a horrible game, did you see his stats? GAG!!

I bleave we played a tougher team than the Packers did. I think our D will improve quickly once they get more comfortable in this scheme, I think we will have a good rushing game.

So I’m as happy as I can be in a loss situation.

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Depending on what you think of the Bengals it could be argued that we played as well as any NFC N team. That’s kind of like winning the NIT though.


Yeah, the Vicks loss had to hurt.

But yeah, I think our D will get much better over the next 3 games as they learn this scheme better. I know we lack talent, that too was obvious on the D side but I believe 75 percent of that first half was guys not knowing what to do yet and not being comfortable in the scheme yet.

That can improve quickly but the coaches have to get their players more familiar with this scheme. Looked like many times they simply got a late start moving to an area they were supposed to be in, not because they were slow, but because they took too long to figure out what they were supposed to do. Hesitation because of not understanding yet, and that will get better and hopefully fairly quick.

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One other point worth noting (if it hasn’t been already.)… We were the only NFCN team that that played at home.

True, although Packers kind of had a neutral site game.

In the end, I think the majority Lions fans are waking up this morning content with what they witnessed yesterday. A team devoid of talent, and installing a completely new system that scrapped and took advantage of another team letting the foot of the gas, to produce a respectable outcome.

The other 3 teams in the division have fan bases that are waking up a lot more salty this morning, because they had delusions of grandeur that their were actually going to compete for something this year (Bears fans at least have the hope that once they replace the Ginger Sniper with Fields, it will still happen). All in all, I’d rather be in our position.

That’s the kind of post that keeps this place interesting.:rofl:
We need to be able to entertain each other.
I say 4 wins takes the division. Split with Chicago and the Queens, who each win 3, and sweep Green Bay, who finishes 2-15.
Perfect moral victory!

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