Good read about Dan Campbell and a break from FA

Really love Dan’s enthusiasm and love for Detroit!


Great article thanks for sharing.

Loved this line/part

He got drafted by Bill Parcells and coached for Sean Payton for a while. He was drafted and groomed by these guys. A little bit of Dan, a little bit of Parcells, a little bit of Sean Payton, a lot of Detroit. You can see why they are winning and have success and the players believe in it with the way they are playing."

A lot of Detroit. That’s a good line from Raiola, and definitely fits, because though Campbell was born and raised a Texas boy, it didn’t take long for Detroit to start to feel like home and eventually shape his future.

“I was apprehensive because I didn’t know anything about this area,” Campbell told about signing with Detroit in free agency. "I’d lived in New York, but really my whole time had been down in the south and in Texas. Just the people (in Detroit), man. It was unbelievable. It was a great experience and they welcomed you

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