Goodell finalizing multi year extension

Scary thing is the league is looking harder for replacement candidates and the one name to come up is former B1G commissioner Keven Warren…please no.

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Its crazy that the owner’s and Goodell are able to sell the idea that the owner’s think he’s doing a bad job and should be fired. :laughing:


People bitch about Goodell but he works for the owners! It’s like the production manager at my work talking about he is on our side but paid by the owners. Yeah suck my dick bro!

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FedGov renews term of Goldman Sachs alumni to run SEC.

Sarcastic Big Deal GIF by CBS


Of course he did!!

In other news, the sky is blue or is it really!? Stay tuned until tomorrow for the full report on action news!


The guy has never even made the playoffs, why aren’t they looking for a commissioner on a rookie contract?

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He is ruining the integrity of the game. not a fan at all

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