Goodell suffers Crushing Bear Hug weeks after BACK SURGERY

If, like me, you noticed Roger Goodell walking funny, slurring words, dropping a draft card, mispronouncing words and names last night, you weren’t alone.

No, Goodell wasn’t drunk per se, but just weeks removed from back surgery, was completely unprepared for a crushing bear hug from Titans draftee JC Latham. Latham was so excited that he wrapped his big arms around Goodell and lifted him off his feet while Goodell’s face was turning shades of red and purple as he got squeezed like a tube of toothpaste.

While Goodell continued with his traditional first round duties, his performance became markedly degraded (backstage Toradol injection perhaps?), but he managed to finish the night out in good humor. No word on possible fines or suspensions for Latham in the near future. :sweat_smile:


Goodell seen leaving the venue…
Rescue Emergency GIF

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First time I felt bad for Goodell, and I also felt bad for the player.


I kinda feel bad, too. Back pain is no joke and can drive you to your knees if it’s bad enough. And with back surgery, I don’t think it’s ever completely guaranteed. If he is a no-show today, I’m pretty sure we will know why.

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We still booed the shit outta him



Yeah I spotted this too & wondered what was going on. All makes sense now.

I believe they briefed the top 5 projected picks not too bear hug the comm but there really should have been a massive sign just above the tunnel when the players enter the stage to remind them since you can’t expect everyone to be aware of his surgery.

Fair play to the commish in soldiering through even though I’m sure he was acutely aware this was probably his one big day of the year as a brand to shine.

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my line of thinking too, weeze-man! Boo him every time relentlessly!

His goons have been after us for decades


I feel so bad for him…

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Never forgive
Never forget
Die angry

Cobra Kai!

Just confirmed: Goodell has arrived for round 2, says, “I’m good to go!”