Goof expresses what it means to be a Lion

“Holding is a subjective call,” Goff said. “We were getting them at a frequency I’ve never been a part of. "



It’s bad when dumbass Goff is smarter than your head coach.


He’s not wrong!!


My first thought.


For the record, I think Goff sucks, he played a bit better today, which was nice to see.

But, he’s not wrong! The Lions are terrible, I think we can all agree on that. But, the frequency of holding calls on the Lions was simply unreal, these games are mostly fixed for ratings. They want games to come down to the last possession of every primetime game like they did in Detroit and Dallas today. The NFL is basically the WWE in modern day and the Lions are the bottom of the barrel laughing stock, so close, but yet, so far character.


Yeah, I’m not sure if the Lion’s O-line just sucked extra balls today or the refs were just not letting them play and literally calling every little thing?!?!

I mean, there was one play where Decker got beat and his guy got the sack and Sewell got called for holding, same play.
It’s like the O-line was fed Turkey before the game and were loaded full of tryptophan.


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It sure looks exactly as you say, with all the gambling apps and fantasy maybe there is something to that. Hard to believe how Vegas could control points, the refs would have to be a part of that and you would think one of them would whistleblow.


The Refs control all the point spreads, the Lions are 7-4 vs the spread yet being 0-10-1. That tells anyone with half a brain the fix is in. That’s why I just laugh at every loss. The Lions suck no doubt, but it’s not a fair fight.

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same thing Lang said when he came from Green Bay


The best thing any lions fan can do is either stop watching altogether or to detach themselves from the emotions, and start making money off of this obvious fix.

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same thing lions fans say every sunday at 4:15

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Holding is a lot more subjective when you’re wearing a Lions jersey than it is while wearing a Packers jersey… just ask TJ Lang.


I thought Goff said there would be no more gut punches!!!

While technically true, it’s just that they have migrated a foot to the south, and someone brought in Toad Venomed Up Tyson to deliver them.