Goof or Goff

We need a WB - he makes far too much money - he looks like a string bean out there

Why create a new name and not use your normal one?


Pack it up gents. Season’s over

Go all in drafting a QB or sign Kirk cousins. There are no other options. Can’t move forward with Goff

Holmes is a great GM. Not extending him was so smart. Untrained eye and bad GMs would’ve

Hiding behind a screen and a 2nd username…


Does it make his point less valid?

Goff isn’t the long term answer. He’s played relatively decent this year but Detroit needs a playmaker at QB.


yes. Cowardly Lion stuff (no relation to the poster)

Yes. If it is such a valid point, why create a new name to hide behind?

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Dr Evil Whatever GIF

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Doesn’t matter if it’s valid. Admin would ban him. Groupthink only here

Not even close to correct.

You’ve been a member for three days, cough cough, like you would know the history of the board.

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Exactly what I said… groupthink only and attacking poster not the post. Be better

Been saying it forever. He’s just okay. Always has been, always will be. You can win with him - IF everything around him is perfect.

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No…it was Ben Johnson practicing 4 and 5 wide in an important game. Check the stats on our plays out of 4 and 4 wide and if they’re successful. Very, very few wwr successful.

I have said we will need to operate out of 4 and 5 wide in the playoffs because Goff does not like (just like any qb) a bunch of guys faux blitzing/blitzing on the line of scrimmage.

Well, Ben thought it was qgood idea to run this and practice it alot in a real/live national TV game.

No, you practice this in practice.

Combine this with the whole team coming out with zero energy and Dan Campbell giving the Jim Caldwell “dead eyes”…then his fake punt on his own 20 yard line…

I saw it right away…Taylor Decker…lollygagging back to the huddle…look at his body language from snap 1. Then he gets beat all game…

And he wants an extension? Go get it somewhere else in my opinion.

Its disgusting to me.

It makes me sick. Im actually nauseated. I cant even eat my T-Day meal.

Im not kidding.

I hope this whole organization is as sick as me and you cant enjoy your meal today.


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Relax… Its thanksgiving…if you can’t eat your TDAY w family bc of this game…that’s a problem.

8-3…we are fine.


Big game. T-DAY. HOME GAME. National TV…

This team has big issues. Disgusting to me.

I dont how you can sugarcoat that poor effort.

Disgusting to me. Im sure MCDC will say the same, although he didnt do anytning to help while this thrashing was going on.

Lost to Jordan Love at home on THANKSGIVING.


Right from snap 1…taylor decker walking around like he didnt care. Team captain…

No passion anywhere to be seen on offense or defense.

Diagusting humans.

Holmes better watch this film before he pays anyone, and you better figure out your weaknesses, which many Lions fans already knew but you failed to address.

Laugh it up with Goodell now.

You got issues. Its thanksgiving…relax. Lions are 3-1 on national TV this year. No one is sugarcoating a rough loss. You are going to an unhealthy extreme.