Gotta Give Goff Some Credit

Many of us were super hard on Goff the 1st 10 weeks of the season and it was deserved. He played poorly and even threw the ball out of bounds twice on 4th down. Which was pathetic.

With that said, he deserves credit for not giving up and improving. He’s been much improved the past few weeks with Campbell calling the plays. Will it continue? I’m not sure. But credit where credit is due.


Ever since Campbell took over, I know it started rough, but the offense seems to slowly getting more confidence and playing a lot more consistent. Getting Josh Reynolds has helped a lot. Love that St. Brown is coming out.

Whatever Campbell is doing seems to be working, and I’m looking forward to seeing who takes over OC next season if that is indeed what happens.

Also too, just from watching the highlights, it’s pretty awesome we are able to establish the run as well as we have, even when teams know we are going to run it. And now they seem to be expanding to enhancing the passing game. But a consistent ground game with an OL still opening holes after losing Ragnow and Decker at a point? Plugging in any running back and having success? I don’t know I’ve ever seen that as a Lions fan.


It’s also pretty closely correlated to getting our LT back and having at least one veteran NFL quality receiver


This post makes me too excited, I gotta go easy on the koolaid though, they always let us down, but I see a bright future for the Lions.

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Very good point. Decker is solid on the left and Sewell has excelled on the right. We got a 5th string running back in there and he still got over 100 yards. The Lions O-line is very good right now, even without Ragnow.

Ok too much Koolaid tonite! ha ha

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Goff needs a clean pocket to be effective. When he has protection and a run game he is ok. He had that today.

I’d like to see him get a quicker release. However, I wonder if his small hands limit his ability to do that. Also, he could work on his foot quickness.

He is still not the longterm answer in my opinion. But ya never know.

I liked seeing him with confidence today. He needs to realize this is his team until it is not. He seems to be doing that.

I hope he works out. I’m skeptical but I truly want him to be a solution. He didnt give us much hope early on. Hes has at least shown a little something the Last few weeks.

This team is playing together very nicely. It is nice to see a team come together and play for each other and follow a gameplan.


Hahahaha hey when you put a couple extra cups of sugar in the kool-aid it is awesome!

That being said, yeah we need to see what this staff does with a better roster and hopefully a season where everyone doesn’t get injured… but the next man up mentality they seem to have right now is really something… and if some of these guys keep progressing they are going to be playing important downs next year, like Charles Harris, Parker, jacobs, Reynolds (both of them)… I mean, they are developing guys, and I hope Glenn sticks around for another year or two before handing off to Pleasant… but I think we got the makings of a potential foundation of awesomeness! It’s there, and we got coaches who can bring the best out of what they are working with…

Nobody, NOBODY expected them to even have a chance today and they worked them… kyler Murray comes out with “well you don’t prepare for your opponent you pay hats off to them” , screw that. You are in the NFL and you don’t think any team can beat you at any time? Wake up call for them if in fact they didn’t prepare but the Lions beat them thoroughly with half the players the cardinals have.

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It sounds weird but the DEFENSE has played much better since Campbell took over the offensive play calling.


We have had long drives on offense and controlled the TOP, letting the defense get more rest. Makes sense to me.


And Aaron Glenn is looking to be a really good DC… I’ll pump the breaks a bit but I think he gets a HC job after next year or the following year. I’m pretty sure he stays for 22


The fact that the defense is much better under AG with a bunch of rookies than Patricia’s rocket science defense led by overpaid players says it all to me. Coaching matters in a huge way.

AO for example is killing it now with new coaches! Up to 6 ints on the season, almost scored today on that 50 yard return.


LOL - Kool-Aide man at RB and Hulk at DT, with Fox at LB


I think Reynolds might be that guy! Not bad for a 5th string RB over 100 yards.


Yup - this is how I feel

Word - exactly right

LOL - I was digging it


Terrell Davis 2.0

I was always so envious of those broncos teams that could roll out any RB and they all ran for 1000 yards…. Then went elsewhere and didn’t… I.e. olandis gary


I’ve been one of his biggest critics and I still think they’ll need a higher upside QB going forward (Goff is kind of like Alex Smith) but he’s played a lot better since he got over that injury that was ailing him several weeks back. After all the shit he’s been through this season, it’s nice to see him play with some confidence and find some joy in the game again. Same for the rest of the team really.


Barring a complete offensive meltdown in these final gams, I don’t think we go outside to hire a OC. Ben Johnson has been awesome for this pass game and I’m sure Duce has a huge hand in the running game. I would expect to see Ben Johnson as the passing game coordinator/play caller with Duce /Fraley handling the run game. If Ben shows he isn’t ready to be the play caller I think Dan has shown enough that he can always take over play calling duties if needed and be successful.

This is the best I’ve felt about a staff since Jim Bob Cooter and Teryl Austin were killing it as the coordinators. In fact I feel leaps and bounds better now because I believe in Campbell much more then I ever did Caldwell.


I just mentioned something related to this in another thread. A Lynn is specifically the run game coordinator, per their words in the last few week’s pressers. We have had Fraley for years. I attribute our running success to Lynn and Duce. Considering Duce’s “Assistant HC / RB Coach” title, I attribute the player’s individual successes to him but the run game’s improvement I attribute to A-Lynn. He should get the bulk of the credit, IMO.

I do think these things make a big difference:

  1. Taylor Decker and Sewell playing both tackle positions
  2. Pounding the run game relentlessly
  3. St Brown finding his way, his confidence, and Josh Reynolds joining the team

With all that said - there’s no doubt Goff looks more confident in taking a shot when it’s there. Absolutely one thousand percent difference in his confidence. Earlier in the year he couldn’t wait to check it down as fast as possible. Look at that TD to St Brown today though… he got pressure, stepped up to avoid it, and uncorked a perfect throw under duress. We did NOT see that version of Jared Goff easier this year. It was how fast can I check down to Hock or Swift.


Agree :100: