Graham Glasgow comes home to play with his buds, be a part of something special


What was up with him constantly forgetting questions during his press conference? I sure hope that’s not some sort of effect from multiple concussions or something

He is a guard… how many has he given in his career?

I saw the interview, total speculation on my part. I got the impression that he’s a guy that doesn’t like doing media appearances-so that was his out. He set himself up nicely moving forward for an opportunity to do minimal appearances now


Like loading the dishwasher “the wrong way” over and over and over again until she doesn’t want you to do it anymore?


Then there’s earning browing points by volunteering to do the laundry during fb season.
Put it in the wash, watch football
put in the dryer new load in the washer, watch football
fold while watching football put new loads in
Honey, I did the laundry and watched football and enjoyed adult beverages at the same time.

All about training.


I don’t like it, see then you’re the one actually doing the work… If it were me, I’d volunteer to do laundry, then purposefully and consistently forget the clothes in the washer so they have to be rewashed… She won’t bug you about doing laundry anymore :grin:

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Least amount of work possible while still getting credit for volunteering to do a chore


Ty thats how my daughter lost that job at home

She sounds smart :joy:

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Laundry ! Dishwasher is light work

I don’t need to sort the dirty dishes

Just keep the wood handled knives out

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The washing machine does the work silly! @frm710 is just drinking 14% beer and watching football… the hardest part is remembering to put it in the dryer, that’s not easy to do when you can barely stand up!! lol



And I get full credit for the washing machine doing the work.

It is difficult hitting the right buttons on the machine, especially after a few of those 15% beers. Well done!

This is also why men have grills outside! Get away from wife, drink beer outside, and make steak! It’s genius. Get credit for cooking dinner! haha

My lady and I have figured out it’s best to let me do my own laundry and she do hers… We were single for a long time and now, consequently, are particular about how we like it done… She’s a folder, I’m a hanger, etc. I do laundry when I’m out of underwear… Or I just buy more :joy:

Haha exactly the same. That’s the only time I do laundry.

I noticed the ABV went up in your last two posts.

Haha it’ll be straight vodka soon!

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Then you got to fumble the folding like you can’t make a square

Or is folding not part of laundry ?

boss folding GIF

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