Grass is not always Greener...Duh Bearssss style


Trubisky only seemed to play well against us. Hopefully Fields doesn’t become a Lion killer

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When it comes to QB’s, the Bears sure know how to pick em.

Here’s a crazy stat, the Bears have never, I repeat never had a QB throw for 4000 yards in a season. That’s not even hard to do in the modern nfl with all rules favoring offense.

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Chicago brain trust group…

“Gentlemen, we have NEVER developed a QB. I know! Draft an Ohio St QB, they never work out. The league won’t see that one coming!”

I’m still laughing at Bears fans who thought they were going to compete this year. One guy even picked them to win the division (forget who). They are so high on their own supply.


I assumed Cutler did but turns out his only year throwing over 4000 yards was his last season in Denver.

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I thought if Fields finally clicked as a QB, they’d have a shot.

Fields has not.

This is why I’ve got no interest in drafting a quarterback when there’s a viable alternative.

There were lots of really smart people who were very high on Fields, and for very good reasons. Same thing with QBs every year.

I’m fine paying Goff some of Martha’s money, thank you very much.

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Out of her Pickleball winnings to make sure she has skin in the game…

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I still think Fields will end up being a viable starter, but man its getting pretty hard to defend his play. He looks so lost out there. IMO its a case study of how not to handle a young QB. Some of it is definitely on him, but they really haven’t given him a decent shot to succeed.

Hell I thought the Bears would win 9 games and finish in 2nd in the North

Fields is QB21 in fantasy, where he is a faaaar better QB than real life.

And the drama just went DEFCON 2 today with Fields interview.


ya, real smart to blame your coaches for your crap play and say you aren’t going to listen to them and just go play your game…

Then he tries to clean it up by saying reporters just want clicks and didn’t use his comments in context. It’s verbatim what he said…


Well, it may have been verbatim, but they were taking the nouns and the participles out of context.

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