Great season, awful way to end it

Can’t give up a 17 point lead.

Great season. Hope Glenn find happiness elsewhere.

We need 2 CBs, a DE, and a DL.

Oh, and Josh Reynolds can retire immediately after the game. Along with Cam Sutton.


Great season and biggest choke job ever

Dan needs to learn hard lessons from this game. Watching KC do straight up jail loving on Brock Purdy’s overrated ass will drive home how winnable this game was.


It’s true. It was a choke job. We may not want to hear it but that will be the narrative.


All this and we still need another true #1 WR. Jamo isn’t it, other than his gadget play here and there. Dudes hands are SUS

Glenn is never leaving. Pipe dream.

Hope he just gets better CBs to cover for his deficiencies.

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Yeah he needs to contribute more than 2 TDs in a playoff game.


Losing sucks but we were two quarters away from the SB and have a fantastic core. We’ve seen things this year that none of us have ever seen. We saw the Lions win the North. We saw 2 playoff wins in a single season.

We are young, and this loss is gonna push these young guys to want more. This is just the beginning.


Need a few good defensive players with some development from our very young team and we could be back here next year.

This team exceeded my expectations but it still burns like hell. I hope these boys remember this feeling. Can’t have that many blunders by players and coaches against good teams.

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It was the greatest season in my life. I’m super proud of this team.

But damn this one hurts a lot.


An the whiners show up early . Some could hardly wait for final whistle like 49rs are not a good team an all are guys have to be All pros . Many are never happy i am not happy but we had a good run an we are not yet ready for SB. But not far away either an Lions showed 49rs we are a team . I mean so many here will complain maybe you should be Raven fans an really complain.


Did you watch the game kid?

Jamo isn’t the problem. He has only scratched the surface of what he can become. The Lions need a replacement for Reynolds, whether they get someone in the offseason or DPJ grows into that role. Having Raymond tonight would have been huge.

It was a much better season than I expected. Just hope we can learn from this loss improve our team and make it back next year.

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Need an OC who doesnt get impatient and go away from what is working.

And just plain more talent on defense.


Oh boy.

You don’t want to come at me bro with that lame crap.

I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but pick yourself up and grow a pair.

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Never thought they would make it this far so I am happy for the team, the city, the state, and all of us.
I thought we would get torched even more via our secondary.
Niners had some fortuitous plays happen for them in the 2nd half, including our drops and fumble.


Respect your thoughts brother. I enjoy your posts. But Jamos hands are going to hold him back his entire career

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On the bright side.

These are gonna be some hungry mother Fer’s next year.