Greenbay wins the division Detroit a wild card this year

I think the Lions take a step back this year i think they are 10-7. Green Bay finishes 11-6

I think we have way too many projects/often injured players on this 53 man roster to be a Super Bowl team. I also think Green Bay has better depth at key positions. I also think the division is tight all the way around. We are also playing a first place schedule. With all the hype around us. I expect a few heart breakers this year.

Could there be a sophomore slump for Gibbs and Laporta I hope not but that is always a possibility.

We are counting on a huge year from Jamo who doesn’t even have a 400 yard season. We don’t have enough depth at WR.

Are pass rush is some what improved by Getting a space eater in DJ reader but it is a very big question mark with projects and injury prone players filling it.

Are secondary is improved on paper yes. But it is once again a brand new room for the majority of players for a 2nd year in a row and I feel like it will take time to develop. I don’t expect lock down from day 1.

I hope I am wrong. Last year i predicted the lions to go 12-5 and win a playoff game and they won 2!!!

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Anything is possible… baring injury and regression of young talent i would have to disagree. This team is missing reynolds, jackson, jones, and sutton… they have been replaced by jamo, zeitler, reader, and davis.

Last years team was a half of mediocre football from the superbowl… again anything can happen but i just don’t believe that the fact that we traded next years 3rd will have any impact on the ceiling of this team.


Not sure how anyone can ever predict injuries. Who knows, maybe this is the year Green Bay really gets dinged up? You talk about sophomore slumps of two of our better offensive players, but I would say Jordan love has a better chance of going through a sophomore slump, now that there is film on him. Im the end, it’s why they play the games. I fully expect our Lions to win the division. We are entering our third year in the same offensive and defensive systems which should breed familiarity. Goff only seems to be getting better and I think many of our young players will continue to improve.


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Yes next years 3rd for a project.

This years 3rd for a trade up (which even know Brad got taken on points for the trade I didn’t mind because I like Arnold!

2023 3rd rd pick #1 on a back up QB
2023 3rd rd pick #2 on another major project.

4 top 100 picks on a trade up 2 projects and a back up QB that is a super wasteful way to use resources: we Will regress this year because of it.

I also hope you are wrong.

My worry for you is that you are looking diligently at our perceived weak points and giving Green Bay (who has an excellent team btw) a bit of a pass.

I have zero belief that this is going to be an easy year and we will just simply reclaim the division. But I do believe we are in the best position to claim the North after a very physically grueling season.

I have two reasons for this belief. 1. I think Jordan Love is a good QB. I do not believe he is much beyond that. I worried that Aaron Rodgers was going to be another Brett Farve type career. I have no believe Love is going to follow that tradition. He is good.

  1. We are coached to play harder than our competition. Effort matters and this team buys into what Dan is preaching. There will be some ugly wins this year. There will be some tough losses as well. It is the embracing of the grit that will keep us on top this year.
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Bc of our “misuse” of a couple 3rd rounders. We may regress. Injuries, stronger schedule, luck, timely execution, etc. I doubt the 3rd rounders will be the reason why.

Personally I think 2024 is the best regular season in the franchises’ history. Excited to find out regardless.


I think the division is much better, we are a injury away at WR or DE that could derail the whole season. But as far as the young players it’s like you haven’t been watching this coaching staff has got the most out of the young players for the past 3 year. Not sure why you expect that to change and on top of expecting us to change there your giving the Pack a free pass in that manner. Were no lock like so many think, in my book there is alot of work to do but we’re as good as anyone in this division.


No, sir. The Lions win this division.

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And how about another 4 top 50 picks last year on high level contributors?

Will we regress because of that?

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No team in history has regressed solely because a third rounder or two didn’t hit.

Especially when they already draft like we do and have a roster like ours.


1.How is next years 3rd impacting this years team if they dont trade it?
2. How about having a backup qb that is capable of playing if needed (seems worth a 3rd for me)?
3. It was necessary to get arnold and make our starting CB’s a lot more talented
4. Martin right or wrong is penciled in as #2 NT

I mean what are you expecting? That every 3rd round pick becomes a player and the driving force to a superbowl? I will close out with one last question, next year when AG and Agnew are hired away, how many 3rds will we have?

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So the entire basis of topic is bc you don’t like the draft?

If we finish second it’s because Green Bay is good. I don’t know if you watched them at end of season or not but that is a very talented young team.

Another decent argument is that now we play a first place schedule which will have an impact.

May we continue in our prayers that Love is as bad as he looked at times and not the guy who was throwing dimes.

Of course injuries are a true wildcard but I expect us to be in the playoffs and a top NFC team.

Zero 3rd rounders because both will be back next year. Glenn is not getting a HC job he has had a bottom ranking defensive 3 years in a row.

Well if that is the case, good cause there will be one less 3rd rounder for you to bitch about. But hey we can always trade back or trade a pick from the following draft to get that 3rd rounder back for you.

I would beg to differ that the 1st place schedule might be easier than the second place schedule . The Rams and Eagles are better than they were last year and might win there division.

Here’s a point to think about:

They’re 3rd freaking rounders!

If you’ve sat here and watched Brad and his team draft these last years and you’re unimpressed then that’s on you not on Brad.

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Far more annoying than your pessimism is your repeated use of “are” instead of “our”.

We’ve got to keep standards up:

(I apologise for being the grammar police)


Next years 3rd is impacting our team . He is going to start getting reps this weekend and will probably ready to play by the end of the year if not next year for sure !!