Gronk on being traded to the Lions and how he avoided it

This was reported two years ago but here it is from Gronks mouth.

This was the terms of that trade.

2018 Rob Gronkowski trade:
Lions receive Gronkowski and a second-round pick (No. 43.)
Patriots receive a first-round pick (No. 20) and a second-round pic (No. 51)

2020 Gronkowski trade:
Buccaneers receive Gronkowski and a seventh-round pick.
Patriots receive a fourth-round pick.

Just goes to show what a laughing stock thos franchise is.

This narrative bothers me…that the Lions were offering WAY too much in 2018 for a trade in 2020 that is MUCH lower.

Gronk was about to turn 29 in 2018. The Lions started Luke Willson and Levine Toilolo at TE in 2018. Ebron was gone. Sounds like a 1st basically to get Gronk and a swap of second round picks to add the game’s best TE?

Now, Gronk ended up retiring in 2019 and his value is totally different in 2020 having sat out a year of football. Yes I think a 1st was too high but I also think Gronk was worth gambling on versus the 20th overall pick in rd. 1 too. Gronk is a playmaker a TD machine. He was coming off a 1,000+ yard season and 8 TDs in 2018. There is no doubt Gronk would have made this roster better.

We cannot use Gronk’s 2020 value as any kind of gauge as Gronk walked away from the game. Further, it is clear Gronk’s value is tied to Brady as no one else is in a position to trade for Gronk thus killing his value. The Pats did well to unload Gronk for what they did all things considered (only one team was an option for Rob).

I would have preferred Gronk for a second rd. deal but I am totally fine going after this beast.

Just shows you how pathetic the Lions front office is to try and make a trade like that.


I think the trade value of a guy that has been out of the league for a couple years is less than the same guy when he was two years younger and still playing

Gronk better get back on the juice

I’d like to know how many other teams Gronk would have pulled that on.
And how many teams he might have accepted a trade to?
Bet he wouldn’t have gone to Tampa without Brady.


He has said he wasn’t taking any passes from anyone but Brady.

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