Guess Who...No Googling

No idea, but looks like Eastwood in the face. Though I think he’s been extremely thin his whole life

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Not sure why but none of the images show up for me, even when I click on the
“image” icon at the corner of the supposed image.
It comes back with “image could not be loaded”

Oh well.


There is a hint of Eastwood, but the downturned eyes say no.
There is also a hint of Kennedy, but I’m going with Joe B. The mouth and downturned eyes take me in that direction.

Yeah, this is an old thread. I wanted to update the deleted photo of Betty White from my first post, but there was no edit button available. Not sure why.

All good guesses. I’ll give one more hint. Think Grunge music.

O.K. no more guesses? It’s Scott Weiland of the Stone Temple Pilots.


Looks like McCaffrey.

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You lost me at grunge.

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I’m not a huge grunge fan, but this song is in my top 5 of the 90’s.

Early 90s Pearl Jam was awesome

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