Guess Who

Do you recognize her? Hint, she eats a plant based diet.

Edit for my favorit photo.

Oh, she’s vegan hey?

Man Eggplant GIF by Die Carolin Kebekus Show


It’s crazy to me what they do with all the makeup, etc. She’s so much prettier when she’s more natural looking.
To me, it’s almost like the makeup and polished up/professional photos block her energy. She’s a sweetheart of a human being. Goff did very well for himself. Imagine if he shaved his head.

The new First Lady of the Detroit Lions is a quality human. Can’t believe those ■■■■■■■ didn’t invite me to the wedding.

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Not sure how Goff has the energy left to throw a football more than about 8 yards.


It’s the main reason he keeps missing Jamo deep… take one for the team Goff. Abstinence before marriage. :joy:


Explains why his balls are so wobbly. Should be written in the contract: “Last doinking around August 31st and no shimmy-sham until he wins the Super Bowl. Then, after winning the Super Bowl, we should introduce them back to each other carefully. I would fear for her safety. Start with a Gloryhole drilled through 4 inches of concrete.


I thought Sports Illustrated went out of business.