Guest Analyst Jon Ledyard: Midseason grades for the Detroit Lions position groups

This writer believes the linebacker combination should be Anzalone and Barnes. However as per the Raiders game MCDC does not agree. Barnes’ snap count like every year went down after a bad loss. Barnes is the only player on the team that lost significant snaps after the Ravens game, not to mention the only one who lost his starting position. Barnes went from 41 snaps all the way down to 17. The majority of those snaps came at the SAM, out of position, also the position he played against the Eagles last year where he sat the next two games because of MCDC’s view of how he played the position. Although Barnes lost his starting spot and played out of position, by all accounts he still played well, good for Barnes. He was placed in a position to fail yet he overcame. I am interested to see how Barnes will be deployed moving forward, it is good to know, no matter the politics, Barnes will succeed, unlike the past two years.

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I heard they are asking barnes to gain weight and play nose tackle to help free up campbell and McNeill. Think that his snap count may continue to trend down while they find imaginary ways to reduce his field time but improve his performance.


I think you’ve invented a new category of response:



That avoids the issue, no- one wants to address.

I wish you would talk about Derek Barnes more. Dying to hear what you think of him.


Why does anyone need to address it, you do a decent job of communicating real and perceived slights for barnes all on your own. Dont think we need to help you there, you are more than good enough at generating that content.

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You’ve got a one track mind–an obsession with Barnes.

Don’t me wrong, I like Barnes. His pass rush film at Purdue, ability to close and finish, and excellent tackling made him a good candidate for the Lions defense. While using the PFF draft simulator, I ended up drafting Barnes in Round 5 about 50 times–he was always the BPA at that point.

However, I’m more concerned with the team’s success than that of any individual player. Presumably, that’s why Jamo’s snaps remain limited by the coaching staff.

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Individual performances constitute team success and therefore team wins. I think the Jimmys and the Joes are more important that the X’s and The O’s. The coaches don’t play the game the players do.

Barnes game has drastically improved and it’s obvious that they want him to learn to be a rotational player that they can move around. I think he will get there.

He’s still a tad inconsistent but I think he’s outplayed Campbell but he should out play a rookie.

Barnes has future starter potential and I like what he brings. Personally I think him and Campbell might be two of our future starters.


“Montgomery should be a solid 3rd down back when he returns”. Uh no, Monty is still going to be their bellcow. As well as Gibbs has played, Monty will be the back they use to set up 2nd and 3rd and manageable yards.

I think A- is too high for the receivers. Amon-Ra is Amon-Ra and Reynolds has made some big catches but they haven’t been getting much beyond that, Raymond hasn’t been used much at all this season. Hopefully Peoples-Jones remedies that somewhat.


Have the Lions lost either of their two games this season because Barnes ceded some snaps to Jack Campbell?

Clearly no.

Lions lost to Seattle because Goff threw a pick six and Campbell went for it on 4th and 2 from the Lions own 45 giving the Seahawks a short field.

Lions got blown out by the Ravens and the entire defense, including Barnes, played awful.


away we go GIF

Both of those takes took me by surprise too.

I’d give our WR group a B.

Monty is clearly the primary back.

That is very true but off subject, straw man argument; That is, taking the distorting an opposing position into an extreme version of itself and then arguing against that extreme version. I no where made any implication that Barnes snap count has changed the outcome of any game. It is hard to make that argument about any player on the team, and that is the extreme nature of the straw man argument.
The subject is Barnes is losing snaps again, three years running, for no reason. I have argued for three years that Barnes is on a short leash no matter what he or anybody else on the team does, this is more evidence of the same. Try to dispute that point.

Agreed on the receiver grade. I actually like the DPJ trade more and more the more I think about it especially with Jamo teetering on being a non-factor. They’re going to need that 2nd/3rd guy come playoff time especially if they go on the road.

I think Gibbs huge game against the hapless Raiders has distorted some views of the Lions running back room going forward.
Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to be excited about with Gibbs but Monty is the guy I want running between the tackles especially as we get closer to the playoffs and the games get tighter and I’m pretty sure this coaching staff feels the same.

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Me too. I wanted us to get someone who could help us in the redzone. Hopefully he does.

As for Monty and Gibbs…… I’m expecting to see Gibbs passing game to increase some with Monty as the primary.

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Jamo has not played well all year therefore his snap count is understandable duh.