Guys, I think we're about to see something special

All year I’ve been very hesistant to change my expectation level. I believed we could and would win the division and win a playoff game…which is exactly what we’ve done so far.

However, I didn’t think it would go a lot further than that. If at all.

I’m not too sure about that anymore.

Playing Tampa at home is WAY different than playing in Dallas. Especially since the likely outcome is still playing in San Francisco for the NFC Championship should we win the divisional round game.

As some people have mentioned, I think we’re a bad matchup for San Francisco. We’re built to stop what they do well and we’re built to take advantage of the ways to beat them. That game would obviously be in Santa Clara, but I’m giving Dan and his guys a chance against anybody…

…except Baltimore. I think Baltimore once again would kick our ass should we see them in Vegas.

If…and this is a big if…someone can knock off the Ravens in Baltimore before we get to Vegas…

…there’s a chance we’re lifting up a big silver trophy in mid-February.


The fact that we are even seriously talking about GETTING to Vegas is amazing. This is completely uncharted territory for a Lions fan


At San Fran is going to be tough.

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Yes, the Rams won the Super Bowl 2 years ago. IMO, they had considerable matchup luck and one notable dropped interception that greased their path along the way. Whatever. They did it.

At this early stage of the playoffs, the stars have so far aligned for us. There’s a long way for us to go yet, but so far, so good. We’re still in the playoffs with a puncher’s chance. On to the Bucs!!

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I hope its KC. Don’t think we match well with Buffalo or Baltimore. I agree that we can take SF in SF… if we can stop McCaffrey.

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Wow… No Cowboys–No Eagles-- No Rams… No one has seen that coming. Lions are in a great place just like that. Time to plan the food and drink menu for Sunday! It’s almost surreal. Bring on The Bucs!


Why should the lions be any more special than Buffalo? Bills earned their playoffs status.
Dallas may lose.but they do enough to get there ( mind you, I’m talking in WWE narrative here. Dallas keeps making playoffs and keeps being the fall guy, and people keep falling for it)

The NFL enjoys a good story. They also enjoy dishing out the pain. Minnesota, buffalo. Atlanta.
And what’s been the theme the last couple years?
Sell the favorite for all it’s worth and then pull the rug from under their feet. Cleveland, Rams, Dallas.
Who’s to say you’re not next? This is Bakers 3rd playoffs game, I think. He’s well traveled and finally got to stay somewhere. The Bucs are no strangers to this turf. The Bucs defense will definitely be better than Rams.
The NFL gave you your gasm. Maybe next week
The whore moves on.

I did in fact see no eagles or cowboys getting to SB.
Not the Rams though, obviously lol

This statement deserves its own thread.

Agree with all of that

Beat Tampa and we can watch what happens with 49’ers. They are the best NFC team but have had some down games.

Also pulling for someone to knock of Baltimore. Ravens scare me most with Niners next.

I’m expecting GB at home. Nobody playing better atm.

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