Guys, take a deep breath

IOW, too expensive to cut him at this point so we will see where it goes…

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What was his answer? I can’t see it.

I think Dan Campbell acknowledging Collins doesn’t play as hard as Anzalone says all you need to know on whether he’ll be brought back next year.


I stop reading after he said Alex Alzone plays at a high level all the time. WTF. I think there is a difference in running all over and playing at a high level.

As bad as Holmes saying how are safety’s and WR are good. Geez I must be watching a different team.

The Anzalone comments worry me. I’m getting the same Marinelli vibes I got after he was hired.

If he genuinely thought that about Anzalone there is no chance this guy will succeed.

I feel we had a good shot to win that game until Melonfonwu went down, and in my opinion Rodgers got lucky in how we shot ourselves in the foot so bad during those 4 drives and really put the pressure back on our defense. Ill have to rewatch the game but I do like the ingenuity in our play calling. Our coaching staff seems to know the obvious in that Hockensen and Swift is the bulk of our offense and isnt afraid to put the ball in their hands. With the growth of our offensive line I see a bright future. This year who knows what they can be, but not to beat a dead horse here but next year we will have two draft picks and im excited to see where we can go. I like how Dan isnt throwing in the towel on the year as he shouldnt. He seems like a very mentally strong dude.


You should probably slow down and read a little more carefully, then maybe you’ll understand what Campbell is saying.


I think I saw Ray Roberts is playing CB for us now.

I’m not trying to defend Campbell, but I think he’s saying high level as in high energy level.


I’m on record saying 4 wins.
No way!
With this defense, we stand a very good chance of becoming the first team to have two 0-16 seasons.

I was being generous by saying 6-8, it’s probably 2-3. I doubt we go winless again.

My problem is I bought a half dozen non-refundable tickets to the downtown Detroit Super Bowl Champs parade. It seemed like a great buy before last night.

I will bet you $20 right now that we will not finish the season at 0-16. :rofl:


Right. I think DC is acknowledging Collins abilities/talent level, but wants his energy/effort up to Anzalone’s consistently high level.

Our defense is better off with Collins putting in more effort to show of what talent he had left.

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Fox is a total badass.

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Collins is here to collect gamechecks and not get hurt.

Beanz him!


The only good thing about going three and out and punting is…Fox! He’s a stud.

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totally true - i’m not sure what Cambell means by he is a mis-match on third down. mismatch good or mismatch bad?

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Mis-match good.

DC putting most of the blame on the offense after the game is bad look imo…sure, the O (Goff) had a couple bad fumbles, but this D wasnt going to stop GB from imposing their will in a romantoc jailhouse manner no matter what. If DC expects this O to consistently put up 35+ points per game in high powered shootouts, then maybe he should have actually attempted to invest in the WR core for starters.

I’m a fan of DC up to this point, but he’s walkig a real fine line…don’t blow smoke up our asses Dan, admit the defense is trash/the main problem…and we all know the offense was hobbled from the get go, you f**king released one of your, ahem, “best” WR signings in Perrimam before the season even started.

View it differently with regards Campbell’s comment on offense.

It is easy to blame the defense he is reminding the offense that he expects a lot of out them, more than they have shown and they have to perform. No excuses. No matter talent level at wr or Nelson at RT or Goff etc etc, you have to perform well.

He won’t let them hang their heads and will keep pressure on them.

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