Guys, take a deep breath

This sees to happen every year. We all look at our roster and think maybe 6-8 wins we have this/that year…and we lose a couple of games, to rather good teams mind-you, and everybody loses their minds.
The talent deprivation is real and I don’t think anyone mistakens Campbell for Belichick and somehow is going to win with this many holes on our team.

I want to win just as bad as the next guy on here but you can’t win every game and be a 10-12 loss team. If we are going to get good eventually, it’s going to take time, maybe a couple of years but hopefully not if we can get some good FA’s and another good draft class.


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Agreed! :100:


I find it interesting that folks on the board predicted 5 or fewer wins…but then freak out that the team is performing like they thought they would play.

Offense has potential to be good, sooner rather than later. Definitely have seen some flashes. Special teams look good as well.

Defense is hot garbage


I didn’t expect this team to be good this year, I was just hoping to see the defensive coaching staff make the defense look a little better, wasn’t expecting a miracle, but doesn’t seem any better than last year.

The offensive line however I’m excited about. Hopefully it will be even better once Decker returns.


That was my hope as well. Currently we’re giving up an average of 38 points per game (I know, I know, small sample size). That would be worse than last year, worst in NFL history. :worried:


I’ve thought any win in our first 3 games would be a bonus, so my lungs are still fully inflated. The few injuries we’ve had are unfortunate, yet the outcomes would likely be the same without them.

Our season starts with the Bears in week 4 after a growth spurt as a team.

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I think the good news… is that when all games are played… the 49ers and GB may both be top 10-12 scoring offense in the NFL.

The bad news… looking at the Lions schedule… is that the Lions play 12 games this year against offenses I think could in the top 10-12.


The optimists seen that. There’s a number of folks that sided with Meinke and took heat for a 2-3 win projection.

This is a VERY weak roster. A deep breath is absolutely needed. Get some fresh air folks, the Lions have a crap roster that will continue to stink.


I remember the talking heads were joking about the roster when the final 53 was revealed, saying this looked like a 2 win roster.

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Our defense may make a lot of teams atop the NFL for scoring. LOL

I predicted 3 wins; those expectations have since been dialed back.


That first half gives me some hope for the season. But I always thought 6 wins would be a good year for this roster. I’ve never thought for a minute we would flirt with even a winning season. I’m seeing things on offense that I really like……but man that defense. Our Lbers look completely useless. I see building blocks on the Dline and in the secondary. But for the love of god get Barnes on the field. Anzalone is god awful.

Just looking for the offense to continue to improve, which I think they will.
On defense I’m looking for continue improvement on the DL and want to see the the young guys play more it’s the only way they improve to a better 2022 or off the roster.

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I will say, I think our guys are playing for the Coach, which is an improvement!

The frustrating thing is I can’t tell if our Defense is systemically rotten or just devoid of talent. Either is bad, but maybe with some more horses we can see the scheme get better.

Right now we just don’t have an NFL calibre defensive roster, and there’s not much scheming can do to make up for that. Le sigh.


Are any of them even backups on a good team? Collins definitely had talent at one point in his career. Now he seems like a guy jogging towards retirement.

You got that right

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It’s always a bit of a gut punch to see how horrible this team actually is when coming into a new season, even when you expect it.

At this point though I really wonder where folks see any glimmer of hope about this team moving forward.

I took a deep breath but it smelled like Lion shit.

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Best case:

Start 0-3…Get to 4-5…Finish 7-10.
they are who we thought they were.

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Last night’s first half team was much better than a 3 win team.

Cornerback is suddenly a major, major liability (surprise, surprise) but if we can put together a full game like the first half we can beat many teams on our schedule.

I still think we win 5-6 games with most of the progress coming during the back half of the year.

We need to get our ass kickers on D more run. Barnes and Levi need more snaps. I’d also rather see Julian out there than Harris but I can see the angle of learn how to set an edge first and then we’ll play you.