Haason Reddick has missed Jets' OTAs

I know several wanted the Lions to trade for this guy, but I doubt not showing up at OTAs would have gone over well with Holmes & Campbell, especially considering he’s a 30 years old (9-22-94) pass rusher with a $15 Million contract.

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Damn that is an old 30 year old…

Reminds me of when i see a car that is 2008 and i think to myself “oh that isnt that old…” just to remember that it is actually 16 years old and i am getting older


Should’ve said 1994.

Well, to be fair, the Jets traded for him, then didn’t extend him. So he’s playing on a one year deal right now with no guarantees. I’d be happy to offer up a Crow Bet that Reddick puts more QB’s on the ground for the Jets next year than anyone we have not named Aiden Hutchinson. I’ll even let the bet taker combine the sacks of Paschal, Cominsky and Davenport vs Reddick. Who’s game?

I remember that draft, and I had him mocked to us, back then.