Half time show: who was better

who was better

  • Jack Harlow
  • Dolly Parton
  • Bring back Creed
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Your poll doesn’t work but Dolly by a mile. She didn’t move too much but she looked great and her voice hasn’t gone anywhere.

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Edited it should work now.


What a friggin’ disaster! Neither should be select-able. Good grief.

I didn’t see the Dolly Parton thing…

… But if Detroit fans are going to be embarrassed by something, it should have been that singer at halftime.

WOW he was bad

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What? Dude she busted out Jolene. How can you hate on that?

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I should have added a third option:

Bring back Creed

I edited the poll
New votes everyone…

That crap halftime show was an embarrassment. Looked like they slapped that “stage” together in 2 hours after a quick trip to Home Depot. Hey, let’s put plastic sheeting down and have girls dance on top of it. I’d rather they just show a blue screen for 15 minutes than show that garbage. Like a high school talent show.


Is it too much to ask to have a little wardrobe malfunction every halftime show?..maybe then I’d watch one.

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Couldn’t Detroit get Eminem to do a Lions game? Hell, even Kid Rock. Some random guy from the stands maybe? That guy had not a lick of talent.


Like how about the Voice contestant from Michigan that was sent home in the 1st round of the knockouts? Couldn’t have been any worse.

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Eminem would have to just be an instrumental given the time of day and the audience.

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