Hand being back is HUGE

Guy was making plays all game. Underestimated Stud!


I’ve always liked Hand, he shows effort and promise going forward.

We need more of this Sunday against the Raiders

Forgotten, maybe? Underestimated, no!
At least not by anyone that’s ever watched him play.
The man was missed!


I was going to make a post on him but you beat me to it.

He’s got really good explosion. I don’t remember seeing him get pushed back.

Right. Underestimated in the sense that when people were wondering the run defense sucked so bad it may have been bc of the lack of his presence.

He’s also our best mush rusher. QB runs have killed us in key times. Hand disrupts the pocket. He’s our second best defensive player IMO


This dude is way better and more valuable then I ever would have thought!

Great pick by Quin

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Yeah, I remember people from this forum having pilloried Bob Quinn for drafting him.

Honestly, I feel like alot of us yell and scream when he takes anyone outside the first rd (then sometimes too). I think by now we have to embrace that he is going to take someone we have no idea who he is and he is going to be okay because BQ knows something we don’t. I mean this place was furious with the KG pick a few years ago. They weren’t happy about Hand, some actually were…I honestly was…but mostly because I knew who he was (went to woodbridge high school down the road here in dc from me…my cousins played against him a few times)…people weren’t happy about Agnew…they weren’t happy about TABOR ( W GOOD REASON)…we were happy about Roberts (go to show you people like names they know something about)…people hated the Tracy Walker pick…i think people overall liked his 2016 draft class…with some concerns about agnew.

We all knew who he was. He played at Michigan State for god sake’s. We all wondered if he was going to under produce like he did in college. I was of the opinion that he would be a better pro than he was a college player. I was curious about Golliday because I had him rated two rounds later however they proved me wrong. Bunch of good lying going on and I’m not referring to the Democrats.

Thought he spurned U of M for Alabama and then under produced there?

Regardless him and snacks and also Robinson working together is what made our run defense so good towards the end of last year. If they all get healthy I could see a resurgence in our run defense similar to last year. The lack of pressure on the QB in the other hand might still be lacking. Have to get creative with those LBs…and hopefully Davis doesn’t misplay it once he penetrates the line.

That’s true—many people weren’t happy with the trade down and passing on RB Kareem Hunt (which looked really bad in year one, not bad at all now).

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He was very noticeable collapsing the pocket and clogging up the run lanes keeping Saquon relatively in check. The middle of the line hadn’t got push like that all year.

It was against The Giants so a grain of salt should be taken but he looked better than any defensive lineman had looked all year.

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Yooper, you are apparently confused as to the player and where he played in college. Da’shawn Hand was considered the nation’s best recruit in the 2014 class by rivals.com and chose the University of Alabama over the University of Michigan and the University of Florida. I cannot find anything where he ever even spoke of considering Michigan State or anyone else speculating that he might. Anyway long story short he played for Alabama not Michigan State.

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As a sparty…Hand was never ever a Spartan. And yes…everyone knew who he was bc he went to bama.

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That’s what happens when you do two things at once. Yeah, it was Alabama, people compared him to Malik McDowell who went to Michigan State that’s what I get for doing two things at once. Thanks for the correction.

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Your all good bro…I was thinking Malik when I read your post…I wish he went to MSU lol.

Damn it @Freebird, I’ve been doing my best to forget that movie ever happened lol.

A scar on the face of one of my favorite franchises.