Hank Fraley

This guy is starting to get his due. I really was not up to speed on him, so decided to look him up:

  • He was an UDFA out of Robert Morris College in Pgh (side note - he was two years out when my son-in-law first played there, under former Jets coach, Joe Walton)
  • He was picked up by the Steelers, cut and claimed by the Eagles where he played five years.
  • He was beaten out and traded to the Browns for a draft pick for the next four years
    -He had stints as OL coach at Univ ov San Diego, San Jose State, the Vikings Asst OL coach, and UCLA.
  • The mot unbelievable part of his resume is that he was hired as Asst. OL coach by Matt Patricia in early 2018…and…When Jeff Davidson retired in late 2019 (with Pasqualoni), the Lions promoted Hank Fraley to OL coach. I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day.
  • When Patricia was finally fired in late 2020, Fraley was being interviewed by other teams, most notably the Steelers. Yet Fraley was a one of the few coaches that Campbell held onto. Some players went to bat for Fraley, particularly Decker, who had a good season under Fraley and had this to say at the time:
    “I’ll just say flat out, one thing that I asked for is just give Hank an opportunity to interview for the job,” Decker said. “Don’t just clean house, because I think he does a really great job. I think he has a really great understanding of the game. He studies the hell out of everything and all the defenses. And I think his approach with delivering the information and coaching techniques is fantastic because he played the game for 11 years. I think he’s just good for the room.”

Right now this looks like a great move by Campbell, Holmes & co. Another player who is now coaching, and an UDFA who knows what its like to grind your way into the league. It sounds as though he is also a good communicator which goes a long way. There, now you and me are both up to speed on Hank Fraley!


Fatty P hired Fraley and Ben Johnson! At least we can thank him for something. And props to Campbell for keeping them, many new coaches clean house.


I don’t know if Taylor Decker gets enough love around here. He’s a well above average LT, he’s a leader for this franchise, and for the OL room (which is clearly a part of the teams identity). He’s also probably more responsible for Fraley getting this job than anyone wants to admit. The Lions hit with this dude


What’s also cool
-Players went to bat for him.

This is a really good thing they’re building. More and more mounting evidence of how close the brotherhood is…and why.


My cousin who is a huge eagles fan loved Fraley when he was there. Don’t think he ever made a pro bowl but the few years he was there he was a favorite.

Also he was on that 2004 eagles team


I’m going back in time to erase this reading…


Remember when some posters here thought Decker should be moved to RT after Sewell was drafted… because they claimed RT doesn’t matter that much??? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And then we play the Eagles and Lane Johnson is making almost $20 million AAV to play RT on the highest rated O line in the NFL…


Know what this reminds me of?

“You remember how you were in both Terminator movies, and you said, “I’ll be back” in both of them?..” “…That was awesome”

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Yes, I also remember the trade Decker threads, they were almost as dumb as the Barnes threads. What a terrible idea that would have been.


Haha Farley!!! I bet Fraley was a Farley fan. There names are basically the same and they are fat dudes.


Farley, Frayley…and this guy…


What else can we work into it?


If things continue on the upward trajectory, don’t be surprised if Ben Johnson is a sought after HC in 2024.
As we continue to progress offensively, I can see Hank & Ben working very closely on game planning and schemes for upcoming opponents.
Does Fraley have the smarts to become an OC in the future? I hope so, he’s one of my favorites! Humble, trustworthy and a great teacher.

But…. magic beanzzz!!!


I got Ace Frehley, I got Peter Criss, waiting there for me yes I do… I do…

Ok sorry throw back to when Weezer was good :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:

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Just glad he didn’t go to Steelers.


They’ve had their share of good fortune time for a let down decade, just like the packers!

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So damn important. Knowing that you don’t know it all.


Or at the same time you know what you know and you recognize talent and great minds

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He’s a limeman, NO WAY!!

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